VibePad 3 - Sybian Dreams

Most people reading this will have at least a passing knowledge of sex toys and more then likely will have heard of the Sybian. It is the original saddle style sex machine that you straddle and the attachments literally blow you away. Many people harbour fantasies of trying one but a cursory Google search will have you realising that at €2000+ they are not achievable for everyone.

Well the Sybian was developed back in the 80s and has been around awhile the competition have quite honestly caught up. You can get a great saddle style machine for much less now. Let me introduce the VidePad 3 at only €114. Three motors and remote control and so easy to use it really could hit the spot. 

The VibePad 3 as the name suggests is the third iteration of the hugely popular VibePad. Slick silicone construction, this unique easy to use take on the Sybian makes for an incredible experience. Three motors all independently controlled. One for the 5” Vibrator for penetration, one for the front mound for clitoral stimulation and the other at the back for Anal pleasure. Just place it on a flat surface like a chair and with a little lube slide on top. Now either you or a partner take control of the pleasure and power with the remote control. The VibePad can of course be used by men and women and if Anal pleasure is not for you don’t fire up that motor.

Handsfree pleasure will have you grinding and squirming to ecstasy. A snap to clean too as it is waterproof, just use a little soapy water and leave it to fully air dry before storage. Much easier and flexible to use and store then it’s bulkier predecessor. 

VibePad 3

Now of course you can’t expect the absolute power of the Sybian in the VibePad 3 but it offers plenty of punch. If you can’t but do with anything but the best then we do sell the CowGirl which is a thoughtful redesign of the original classic. Handcrafted design and with vegan leather it looks and feels like a piece of furniture. Mains power with a corded remote it offers incredible power at over 1200 rpm which to be honest might just be a little dangerous. The CowGirl also offers WiFi remote control for distance play. Looks it magic but it costs too at €1995 it is never going to be for everyone. 

So if you want to live your Sybian dreams but don’t have endless cash or storage space the VibePad 3 is a brilliant option.

(All prices correct as of Feb 2024)

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