Valentine's Day is on the horizon

When you feel the days get a little longer and the winter is slowly receding. You know that Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. It is a great time of the year for a reset and a deeper look at your relationship and love life. I know when you first start going out it’s giant teddies and chocolates and maybe it should always be a time for mad gallant gestures. But as I get older and my relationship with my wife has deepened I truly believe it is the little things that make all the difference. 

It’s no good me buying diamond earrings then ignoring my wife for the following week because the Champions League is back. Or making Valentine’s Day the one day of the year I buy flowers.

Look, we have a few weeks before the love day rolls around. Have a little think where you are at in your relationship and if a little extra spice would be something that could add a little excitement why not?

At PlayBlue we have always suggested the best way to explore sexual pleasure options in a relationship is to talk about them first. Have a little chat in bed before facing the day about anything you’d like to try out. Talk it through, make sure you are both on board and not just comfortable but eager and excited to try. The absolute worst idea is to spring something totally brand new as there will be shock, embarrassment and maybe it could be rejected without thought.  Of course it might work and be a huge amazing experience for you both but there is a real risk that it won't be and might push back any communication around this new experience again.

Think about say she fancies trying a little pegging anal play. He might love the idea but if not and she arrives into the bed with a strap-on this is not going to end well. Discuss anything new you want to try and remember anticipation of a new sexual adventure can be half the fun.

Valentines Day

Now here is where PlayBlue come in, have a browse through our website but specifically at the Valentine’s Toys and let the curated selection guide you to toys that we have used and love. 

A few simple pointers to get the best out of your Valentine’s purchases

  1. Too Big is a thing. Too small you can play with, too big is going nowhere.
  2. There are no rules - Vibrators are for men and women. If you get a toy and get pleasure using it - you are doing it right.
  3. Have fun - Don’t get too serious. A little bit of silly play can break the ice and make it a wonderful experience.
  4. Toys don’t replace passion - Toys are there to play with sensations but remember they are pleasure tools and the real passion is the connection with your partner.
  5. Lube - I know I’m a broken record but just trust me here use lube.

Valentine’s is a time to spend quality time with your partner and to deepen and explore your relationship. Have fun, Communicate, Experiment and if it feels good to you both don’t let anything hold you back.

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