Trying to be the Best Sex Shop

PlayBlue Stock SystemSometimes the biggest improvements you can make are under the hood. With our new website we have shouted about all the obvious big changes, like the super slick design, new payment and shipping options and of course the free sex toy gifts.

But the biggest change made for this new PlayBlue online sex shop is the stocking system. We now know where every single item in our stock room is down to individual lubes. We are also super flexible in how we can store and stock orders.

We didn’t actually invest this new system we actually borrowed a leaf from Amazon and implemented a custom built version of their ultra-efficient stocking system. We needed to get the foundations right to ensure we can satisfy the promises we make to our customers and the big promise we make is our goal to deliver every single order next day.

Our free next day delivery of sex toys to anywhere in Ireland is unique in the industry and is something we are very proud of. We have been consistently been over 90% on our next day dispatch but honestly have struggled to get to the 100%. There is always an order or two that orders something really obscure or there is an unexpected rush on a product and we end up running out of stock. These orders then end up having to wait 3-4 days.

That mightn’t sound like too big a deal but we want to get to 100% next day dispatch, we know our customers purchase off us on the understanding that free fast delivery is part of the deal.

So with our new flashy high tech stocking system we can now be confident that we can stock all the really obscure items and know where they are, so then we can really satisfy our customer’s impulse purchases. We have started the process of stocking all the more unusual items and will try to get there as soon as possible.

So feel free to try us out and let us know how quickly we get the order to you!

With this new release of the website we’ve also moved to a much more stable hardware system and we have improved security and performance allowing us to grow with confidence into an even better online sex store shopping experience.

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