Travelling and Toys: Our Recommendations

Irish people have come a long way. We’re now a nation of bona fide mini-breakers, dirty weekenders and European escapers - pretty far from the chip-fuelled-week-in-a-caravan-in-Tramore holidays of our childhood.

 If you go with a partner, sex is a key part of the weekend break (who wouldn’t want to hump with a view of the Eiffel Tower, which according to TV every hotel room in Paris overlooks?) but getting your sex toys over the border can seem like a daunting process. Don’t worry about it - We’ve already talked you through that bit here. Why not have a look below at our top 5 recommendations for some of our more discreet products to make it even easier for you!

1. The Basix Smoothy is the perfect dildo for travelling - hear me out! Firstly it’s an excellently made sex toy; soft, smooth and gentle. But it’s also very discreet - small enough to pack in your carry on (5 inches) and isn’t super phallic. If the worst should happen at the airport (a hot check in agent pulling your dildo out of your carry-on with a triumphant and then horrified look on their face while everyone in the line gasps in horror) it’s better to have something low-key and neutral coloured - this toy fits the bill.

2. When it comes to travelling with sex toys, it’s not just about discretion - you’ve also got to think of space and practicality. This Butt Plug from Sono has anal beads on the other end, making it a space-saver and a handy little tool to have around no matter what kind of anal stimulation you’re into.
3. If you’re staying in a hotel, you might feel self-concious about making too much noise during sex (or you might want to make more noise, more power to you!) This Amorino Dual Action Rechargeable Vibrator from Fun Factory is perfect for those who’d prefer to keep a little quieter. It’s got a super quiet motor, while still providing stimulation to multiple areas (the clit, G-Spot and Labia to be exact) - it’s butt safe too, once you remove the band! The best part is that it has a travel-safe lock function, so it won’t start buzzing in the overhead locker and making the air hostesses suspicious. 

4. We’ve said it once and we’ve said it again: lube is God. It makes sex better every single time and you need it, especially if you’re using toys. But travel restrictions on liquids can be a little tricky if you’re just using a carry - on - that’s why this Loving Joy Slide Lubricant is perfect! It’s 50ML so it can be popped into your little plastic bag and put through the scanner without a problem. It’s also water-based so it can be used with condoms and non-staining for hotel beds - win, win!

 5. When it comes to sex toys for the penis, cock rings are the way to go for travel. Lots of masturbatory sleeves have liquid inside, fleshlights require a little bit of maintenance which makes travelling with them a little bit cumbersome and sex dolls are so damn difficult to pack. The Screaming-O Ringo is a your quintessential gel cock ring and a perfect travelling companion. It’s pretty discreet looking and it’s designed to give you fuller, firmer and longer lasting erections. Just don’t wear it through the full body scanner.

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