Toys for Quickies

There are folks out there who'll say that toys have no place in a quickie. And we understand the sentiment: quickies are about spontaneity, uncontrollable passion or (if you have children) simply about convenience. It’s kind of the opposite of how some people see themselves utilising toys part of the realm of long drawn-out sessions (probably replete with candles and massage oils). We understand, but we politely disagree.

Sex toys are designed to improve your sexual experience. They exist to serve you. Which means that they can be utilised whenever and however you want (please be safe!) And surely, when the goal is to get satisfaction as fast as possible a sex toy will only be beneficial in reaching that goal. That said, if you’re thinking of using toys in a quickie there are a couple of things to remember.

 Firstly, it’s a good idea to stay away from bigger, bulkier toys for a quick session. This is just for convenience sake. Common sense dictates that this is not the place for a life size love doll. Stick to thinks that you can stick in your pocket (yowza) or a small bag. Something like a small bullet vibrator. The smaller the toy, the easier it is for it to be ready where and when you want it.

For the same reason, it’s pretty important to have something that’s battery operated at hand. Don’t get us wrong, rechargeable toys are great but do you really have time to wait to charge it up in a quickie situation? We thought not. Something like this 10 Speed Remote Vibrating Egg is perfect because it takes AAA batteries and provides you with a tonne of variation in a small package.

For men who don’t love using vibrators, a penis sleeve or extender is a sex toy that is portable and definitely quickie friendly. Just pop it on and you’re good to go! There are so many different types available too - like an extender that gives you extra inches, a sleeve with nodules for your partner’s pleasure or a literal dick cage. We really do recommend them if you’re looking for a simple way to spice up a quickie situation!

So there you go. Just some options for the only sex where foreplay isn't an asset. Hopefully though, we've convinced you that toys do have a place in the world of quickies. If you disagree, how about trying them to find out?! 

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