Top 5 Sex Toys 2014!

Drum roll please…..sorry about that I know its not the oscars but around PlayBlue we get kind of excited about new sex toys and pride our ourselves in having the best selection of sex toys in Ireland.

This year there has been a bit of a shift in the sex toys industry new brands have emerged that focus on a single or a couple of great products like the Doxy. Last year Doxy was super niche and was stocked only by very few now its been lauded as the second coming (pun intended) which of course it isn’t but it is best in its class.

We-Vibe continues to expand its range as has Rocks Off. Ovo and Vibe Therapy are still fantastic products at a great price point. Tenga has also become more competitive but maybe needs to become a little more inventive as its range has been largely unchanged in a couple of years. The generic copies and own brand sex toys continue to mop up the rest of the custom and copy the leaders.

Male Sex Toys have also become more acceptable and are less contaminated and seedy in the emotions they evoke. I believe as sex toys in Ireland become more and more a normal part of everyones sex lives male sex toys and couples toys will become a huge part of the industry.

My predictions for the coming year are we’ll have a huge blip in February around the Fifty Shades movie but nothing like Summer 2013 it’ll be very short lived. We will continue to expand the mid and upper ranges of sex toys as Ireland grows more accustomed to sex toys and finally anal toys will also become more mainstream with the term pegging becoming something most adults in Ireland will have heard of.

Anyway without further ado the top five as voted for by PlayBlue Staff. The sex toys didn’t have to be new and we added up a score for performance, price and looks.

No 5 - Jessica Rabbit G-Spot Slim

Jessica Rabbit G SlimNot a new product but still one of the best all round vibrators you can get. Performance it is near the perfect rabbit. In size and functions it really has everything you could possibly want in a rabbit. Price it’s an absolute steal at €39.95. It doesn’t have the super sleek styling of a Vibe Therapy or Ovo but hey you can’t have everything.

No 4 - We-Vibe 4 PlusWe-Vibe 4 Plus

You almost couldn’t have a top 5 without a We-Vibe on it these days. The We-Vibe 4 upgrade came early in the year and the redesign of the vibrator shape has really satisfied its customers. Making it fit so much better and allows it to stay in place when it is needed most.

Of course the We-Vibe has all the power and functions you’d expect and looks almost like a work of art with its cool docking station. Now with the We-Vibe 4 Plus it has its own app to allow remote control and more play options.

To stuff all this new innovation and still retain the old price point is an incredible job and keeps We-Vibe ahead of the chasing pack in couples sex toys.

No 3 - Vibe Therapy Delight

Vibe Therapy DelightMy favourite rabbit, again not a new product but the best rabbit on the market. It has more functions than you’ll ever use but still is super simple to control. Covered in soft silicone it looks and feels gorgeous and is totally waterproof. Price wise as it is now on the market a couple of years it has begun to drop making it fantastic value.

No 2 - Bathmate HerculesBathmate Penis Pump

Penis pumps generally all work by creating a vacuum which will cause your penis to expand. The Bathmate is at the very high end of penis pumps and launched into Ireland this year. Instead of air to create a vacuum, it uses an ingeniously simple idea of water in the shower or bath.

You bring the bathmate into the shower pump up using the displaced water as the vacuum. Wash yourself and your ’done.

The bathmate makes penis pumping a zero time, hassle free event that just slips into your routine. It is beautifully built and designed to last. Possibly won’t make mainstream until the price drops a bit but without doubt the best pump you can get and looks incredible.

No 1 - Doxy

Doxy MassagerThe Doxy has rebooted the power wand in the UK/Irish market. This is probably the most powerful vibrator you can get at the moment. It is big, very sturdy and feels almost like a power tool, which I suppose it is.

Performance wise it simply is in a class of its own with great design to deliver the power exactly where it’ll do the business. The build quality is incredible, this sex toy will stand the test of time and makes it well worth the investment. And in styling it has managed to pull it off even with it’s bulk and size. If you are in the market for a power sex toy then invest in the Doxy.

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