Top 5 - Female Solo Play Sex Toys

In the last 3-4 years there has been a sea change in how female sex toys are made and perceived. Years ago it was all about function, features and price with little thought to how it looks or even feels.

Now every second vibrator released is rechargeable and silicone and super sleek and sexy looking. There are really some gorgeous looking sex toys available now with incredible features.

I thought it was long overdue we updated our Top Picks for female solo play.


Mila VibratorAll the usual goodies, medical grade silicone for a super smooth feel, rechargeable, 10 speeds and whisper quiet. The really unique feature of the Mila is how flexible it is. It can be twisted and bend over double to ensure it hits exactly all the right spots, no matter what your unique shape the Mila can be manipulated to fit you perfectly.The two powerful motors deliver incredible sensations combined with super high build quality make this a real PlayBlue favourite.


Stronic VibratorThis is one incredible vibrator or should I say pulsator. It’s a Fun Factory sex toy so German built for quality and reliability. Best medical grade silicone, whisper quiet and ribbed to add to the pleasure. Of course it’s rechargeable too and has a raft of speeds to play with. The unique selling point here is that it pulsates mimicking thrusting movements. You will be blown away by the power of the thrust the Stronic range creates.If you love penetration stimulation then this is really the one for you. I know it’s not cheap but the best never is, you won’t be disappointed.


Hiky VibratorAgain a really incredible looking vibrator that has all the expected features and that little bit of something different. Triple motors, rechargeable, waterproof and super smooth silicone are all almost standard in top vibrators nowadays. The big extra with the Hiky is the powerful clitoral suction it will literally blow you away. The power of the vibration combined with the focused clitoral suction will leave totally satisfied. You have full control of the rhythm of the suction to have just the way you like it. No one ever regrets buying a Hiky and you won’t either.


Doxy VibratorThis is still the king of the massagers and one for the real power hungry. There are plenty of pretenders with plenty to recommend them like the Flowing Wand but if you want raw power then the mains operated Doxy is still no 1. This is not subtle or small, it’s big powerful delivering upto 9000 rpm power for the most incredible clitoral massage ever. It’s been around a few years now, tried and trusted and has become the Gold Standard in wand vibrators. Never claims to be any but a one trick pony but my God what a trick! A word of caution, when you get used to the power of the Doxy it’s very hard to go back!


Jessica G-Spot VibratorMaybe not everyone’s choice for inclusion in a top 5 and a bit of a throwback, but for a combination of features and price this is a winner and has been PlayBlue’s best selling vibrator consistently for the last 2 years. The Jessica G-Spot proves that you can still get a great vibrator for under €40. It just seems to hit that sweet spot in size, features like waterproof, 10 speeds, multiple motors with rotating beads, ease of use and a reasonable price. At PlayBlue we always have this in stock and start to panic when we are down to our last box. Possibly not the best looking vibrator on the list but at this feature list and price we love it and are sure you will to. 

For a full range of all the best vibrators checkout our full selection there are loads that didn't make the cut but might suit you perfectly.



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