Tips when Travelling with Sex Toys

A little late maybe as most of us might have done holidays already but better late then never I wanted to talk holidays and sex toys. There is no reason to leave your sex toys at home when going on holidays. You just need to be aware of a few things and prepare. 

First off and I feel like this sentence is in nearly every blog post I write - Don’t forget or do without the lube. If you are flying and only have carry-on of course the 100ml restriction applies but if you are using a quality lube a 100ml goes a long long way. You don’t want to be running around looking for lube in Costa del whatever just stick the lube in your wash bag not forgetting to lock the lid. 

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Next you have to rationalise, if like me you have a box of toys you really need to consider you will need room for clothes and stuff so you can’t bring them all. So choose a couple of multi-purpose favourites and try to consider the size, smaller is better.

Next if your sex toy takes batteries take them out before packing and ensure your batteries are fresh. If your toys are rechargeable first charge them fully prior to packing a good quality sex toys will probably last the trip on a single charge, maybe not hopefully. Remember the first night on holidays is usually full of adrenaline and sex so you want them charged and ready to go from the off. Either way make sure to bring the charger. 

Now an important one rechargeable toys will nearly all have a lock or travel mode. Learn how to switch this on and off. For instance on Fun Factory you press the Fun button and + button for about a second together to switch the lock on and off. This is important as you really don’t want the sex toys switching on in the suitcase by accident. Nearly every rechargeable toy we sell has a travel lock, make sure you know how it works.

Storage is important, don’t pack sex toys together especially silicone ones they will stick together. Pack each sex toy separately and wrap each sex toy to try to keep them clean. But please wash them on arrival before use. 

Depending on where you are going, just be aware of local laws and customs. For instance sex toys and many Islamic countries done go down well, just do a bit of research if in doubt. The second little legal got ya is if your sex toy could be deemed a weapon it won't be allowed on carry-on. So a huge metal dildo might struggle to get through.

Finally and it is something to live your life by - Fuck embarrassment. If you have to open your bag and the security guards sees your vibrator so what. I bet they see 100s everyday. Secondly we sell to everyone chances are the security guard is a PlayBlue customer too. You should not be embarrassed about using sex toys to improve your sex life and then bringing them on holidays to have some sexy fun - What is there really to be embarrassed about? Any security guard who says anything (and they won’t) is either a dick or embarrassed themselves, just ignore it.

Now go and have a wonderful sex filled holiday!

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