The Question of Why

Why PlayBlue

I was having coffee with a friend during the week who is a marketing buff. I enjoy the chats we have in relation to business and his opinion is one I hold in high regard.

During the conversation he asked what PlayBlue stood for, what was our Why?

I have to admit I have never really thought too long and hard about it. He reckons all the big success stories have a really tightly defined Why and they use this to foster brand loyalty and to differentiate themselves.

It got me thinking, I kind of see things slightly differently (as I usually do). It is a bit of a Maslow’s hierarchy for me. First off obviously, let's be honest it has to be a profit making venture and be able to pay the salaries to survive, otherwise every other expressed Why is mute.

Then we come into a more subtle Why’s PlayBlue is here for.

I see PlayBlue as standing for honesty and plain speaking. Our prices are transparent, our shipping is simple and our returns policy I believe is very fair. We are not out to screw anyone we want to offer the absolute best service we possibly can and will never rest on our laurels. We want you to trust that we believe our best route to success is to deliver you a fantastic experience so you’ll never dream of sex shopping with anyone else again.

We are a little obsessed with striving to be the best in the world, why not?

So for me the Why of PlayBlue is

Honest advice and help in getting the best sex toys that will fit your needs exactly. We are fair in all dealings and want you to be delighted with your PlayBlue experience so you will come again and again.

Is that being big headed? Maybe, but we won’t apologise for it.

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