The New Satisfyer Spinning Rabbit

Any PlayBlue fan knows that we are Satisfyer's premium Irish partner. We stock a huge range of their sex toys and have been a big fan of the brand since day 1. Well we have just accepted delivery of some of their latest sex toys. 

One really interesting one is the Satisfyer Spinning Rabbit. First off it has all the normal Satisfyer goodies. Magnetic Rechargeable, Beautiful packaging, waterproof, Liquid Smooth Silicone, Silicone control and intuitive design etc but this also comes with a spinning rotating head that just takes this rabbit to the next level.  The Satisfyer Spinning Rabbit has a G-Spot design that curves to touch all your pleasure spots. It has powerful motors in the clit stim and shaft which can be controlled independently. Then with the added extra control of 5 rotation options on the head of the vibrator. You can make it vibrate and rotate and it will blow your mind. 

It is important to note only the head of the Spinning rabbit can rotate. We tested it and as usual with Satisfyer we loved nearly everything about it. The rotation can be clockwise or counter clockwise and just feels incredible. We were also surprised that it wasn’t more noisy. Most rotating vibrators have a tendency to be little noisy with the added rotating motor but to be honest on the Spinning Rabbit Vibrator we didn’t notice it loud. I also love how this really is 100% waterproof for some shower or bath action. Also of course washing it is simple with warm soapy water. 

I believe it also stacks up very well to the other rotating rabbits we sell. It has almost all the features of a Vive Niva but is €40 cheaper and I would say the packaging is nicer and it just feels like a high quality product. I would also suggest this might take over from other older Satisfyer Rabbit Vibrators we stock like the Satisfyer Mono Flex and Satisfyer Mr Rabbit so if you have an eye on either of these don’t leave it too long. 

The Spinning Rabbit is brand new and is available now but we are going to struggle to keep this in stock is my guess and as we buy and order this directly from the manufacturer getting more in quickly might be a struggle. My advice is if you like the look of it I’d grab one now or you could be waiting.

N.B Prices quoted are correct as of May 2024


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