The New Doxy 3 - USB C

Doxy is a powerhouse brand that really just does that one thing - makes fantastic wands. The thing is Doxy does it better then anyone and has been the definition of a Wand for the last decade. 

Well they’ve just gone and introduced their latest creation the Doxy 3 - USB C. First off before we get into it allow me a to let off a little steam - the names of these new Doxys are beginning to annoy me. We’ve had the Doxy Die Cast 3 then the Doxy Die Cast 3R and now the Doxy 3 USB-C, like move onto Doxy 4 already. 

Doxy 3 - USB C

Anyway rant over the Doxy 3 is targeted at a younger audience. It is lighter and slightly smaller than the Doxy Original and comes with a USB cable so it can be powered anywhere. The smaller size should make it less intimidating and easier to use and control. In our tests we can definitely notice the weight difference and the size for us was still perfect, I think maybe the Doxy Original is slightly over sized and this new Doxy 3 in my opinion is better. The head is also now detachable so cleaning is easier and can be more thorough.

The Doxy 3 is not rechargeable, it needs to be plugged in to work and personally I prefer it. The power is constant and never lets you down and with a 3m cable it doesn’t get in the way too much. We tested it next to the original and I’ll admit I’m not huge expert but I couldn’t tell you if there is a difference, if there is it is minimal. I do think the smaller head size will make it even better to use though.

It doesn’t have the Aluminum body of the Die Cast but the hard plastic case of the original with the head being a soft silicone. Again it might not be to everyone’s taste but I think it’s great. I’d rather have a lighter wand than an Aluminum wand. A big change here is the price which is the cheapest Doxy ever at only €89.95 (as of March 2024) which makes it super competitive with rival Wand brands who honestly will always struggle to compete on power and function with the Doxy so in the past have relied on a price difference which has now just shrunk.

Overall apart from the name I love it. For a slightly smaller updated version of our best selling wand the Doxy Original at twenty Euro cheaper what is not to like? Oh and the cool turquoise Green colour, you gotta love it.

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