The Best Male Sex Toys

Men and sex toys has traditionally been seen as something to be embarrassed about. This I have always struggled to understand. Where women can go to sex toy parties and chat about vibrators, can you imagine in Ireland men chatting about masturbators it’s just not happening, no way.

It is probably to do with how little stimulation the average man needs to orgasm compared to women but more and more men especially with the rise in popularity of edging are beginning to understand sex and masturbation does not have to be a race to climax. It can and should be enjoyed and savoured.

Most men have no idea of the sex toys that are available to them. The majority of men would almost gasp at the idea of a prostate stimulator and would see it more akin to a medical exam. This is a pity because the range of experiences and pleasure available with the fantastic selection of male sex toys nowadays is incredible.

Well at PlayBlue we would love male sex toys to be as acceptable as female sex toys with none of the negative connotations and sleaziness. That can only happen through a little education and maturity. At PlayBlue we can help with the education bit and the maturity part will come as we move further away from old Catholic Ireland.

We’ll keep it simple to begin with let’s introduce the the top 5 sex toys for men.


Fleshlight Turbo

These are sex toys that you use to masturbate, obviously. The most famous brand is Fleshlight which make a range of fake vargina’s some even made from moulds of famous pornstars. These masturbators are made from incredible life-like silicone material and offer almost real sensations.

But there are other masturbators like the PDX Elite Tip Teazer that offers vibration and suction to the head of the penis to attempt to mimic oral sex. Some of these oral sex devices rotate around the head of the penis too, offering a choice of stimulation.

There are a loads more masturbators available at all budget levels.

PlayBlue Favourite - Fleshlight Turbo

Best on a Budget - Tenga Double Hole

Prostate Stimulators

Prostate Stimulator

This really is something you gotta try and probably frightens the life out of half the men who’ll read this. Prostate Massagers do exactly as you expect, they are anatomically shaped to massage and stimulate the prostate or the male P-Spot which can make many men climax alone. Some vibrate and have added perineum massagers too or attached cock-rings to rock in place against the prostate during sex for a combination of explosive stimulation.

Prostate stimulators are no longer the sexy secret of the Gay community it really is something that everyman should try, it could really open a whole new level of experience for you.

PlayBlue Favourite - Rocks Off O-Boy 7 Speed

Best on a Budget - Scorpions Tail

Penis Extensions & Sleeves

Penis Sleeve

Adds a whole different experience for you and your partner adding a combination of length, girth and vibration depending on the sleeve brought. They might seem a bit strange at first and feel like you are wearing a huge condom but with some sleeves there are features like ribs and nodules that will stimulate. Also these penis toys are great for a little fun and to make sure that not only are you longer and wider but you will last longer too.

We are not suggesting that you should wear a penis extension or sleeve every-time but variety is the spice of life and turning your penis into a 10” ribbed giant kinda sounds cool no?

PlayBlue Favourite - Vibrating Real Feel 2" Extension

Best on a Budget - Sono Stretchy Ribbed Penis Extension

Cock Rings

Cock Rings

The best thing about cock rings is that they are almost guaranteed to work, it’s simple biomechanics. Blood flows into the penis through the shaft and moves out of the penis from near the skin. When using a cock ring you restrict the blood flow near the surface so you are going to slow down blood leaving the penis and your erections will be bigger and longer. Cock rings have moved on since the early days with loads of vibration and attachments but the basic principle still holds.

Cock Rings are also great after using a penis pump to extend the effect. Look if you’ve never tried one they are cheap and easy to use you gotta try them at least once.

PlayBlue Favourite - Rock Rings Double Dragon

Best on a Budget - Rock Rings Rock n Roller


Male Vibrators

What? You thought vibrators were only for women! Why? Nearly any vibrator you can buy is unisex and surely you can figure out why. Nipples, Prostate, Perineum (sensitive skin between balls & ass), head of the penis… need I go on, balls, anus, inner thigh etc

There are male specific vibrators that tend to work on either the prostate or penis head but you will now find vibration in pumps, butt plugs, cock rings, penis sleeves, masturbators etc. Starting out buy a bullet vibrator and just give yourselves a little buzz!

PlayBlue Favourite - PDX Elite Tip Teazer

Best on a Budget - Minx Blossom 10 Speed Bullet

Sex and maturbation is a ongoing voyage of discovery and trying something new whether it works out or not is always a good thing. You might just be shocked at the new experiences you’ll love.

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