The Best €200+ Male Masturbators

Any male masturbator over €200 needs to offer an incredible experience as it is competing with a hand. All the high end male masturbators at this price category are serious machines with tons of functions. We are talking WiFi control, fully automatic thrusts, porn integration and tons more.


Let me introduce the competitors and they all take a slightly different take on male pleasure.

The Fleshlight Launch €249 - The biggest name in male sex toys Fleshlight is a brand trusted by millions. Probably in my opinion the most in your face design and easy to understand. The Fleshlight launch is designed to work with Fleshlights only and really just do one thing well. You strap on your chosen Fleshlight, which is not included in the package. Mount your phone if you want to include some visual stimulation. Then lube up and switch on. 4 Speeds and 4 stroke lengths to choose from it is simple to use and can be used with mains or wireless. The least functional masturbator in the list as it has no WiFi or Sync options and a real negative is that no Fleshlight masturbator included. If you own a Fleshlight or two already and want a simple automatic handjob solution it could be for you.

The Handy €224 - Very similar in idea to the Fleshlight Launch. Designed to strap in a masturbator and switch it on. The design is much more subtle and comes with an included TrueGrip sleeve. The sleeves are interoperable so any sleeve will fit which is great. The other plus here is that this is WiFi enabled offering distance play options. I love the porn video sync too which works really well making the action seem very real, a little downside is it costs extra. You can also access the VR headset library making it almost too real as the Handy responds to what is happening in VR.. The Handy is a plug in device and has the build quality to last. More play options then the Fleshlight Launch and the included sleeve is a plus. Probably less handsfree though.

AutoBlow AI Ultra €299 - The latest and greatest AutoBlow our best selling premium masturbator range. The dearest in this selection but in my opinion the most functional. Build quality is amazing and a serious upgrade on previous AutoBlows. WiFi and remote play options with the most incredible FREE to use library of synced porn is wonderful and a real money safer. The play options too are best in class with a full built in selection of stroke length, patterns and speeds meaning you can experience your virtual Blowjob exactly as you like it. The full length sleeve feels great and is included. This is another Plug in device and with only four big buttons simple to control.

Kiiro Keon - €269 - Similar in concept to the AutoBlow and works in a similar manner. The sleeve is included and it is full length. All the usual control options from Button control, App Control or Distance control make it a versatile pleasure to use. The build and design in my opinion is the best of the lot. It looks slick and moves wonderfully. The porn sync is available too but there is an extra charge for this. The Kiiro can be used wireless which is great but will only work with Kiiro sleeves and extensions which when you need to replace them are expensive. A brilliant device that works wonderfully. 

The verdict for me is the AutoBlow AI Ultra which beats The Handy by a whisker mainly because of the built in range of programs and the free porn sync library. For me the Fleshlight Launch is the least attractive on the list. I think the design is a bit too macho for me and the lack of an included Fleshlight or play options drag it down a bit. 

Saying all that all four are brilliant and will last ages with proper care as they are all built to last. 

(All prices were correct in Feb 2024 but of course are subject to change)

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