Take A Seat

Facesitting is an interesting sex act. Upon a cursory Google, it’s clear that there are more people who love the idea of it than people who actually feel comfortable doing it. You’ll see a tonne of articles describing how empowering and pleasurable it is - but even more designed to comfort people that they won’t suffocate their partner with their vagina. Hey, they’re being written for a reason - right?

But lets pull it back for a second and do some explaining for the uninitiated. Facesitting is the act of literally sitting on your partners face in order to give their mouth and tongue access to your vagina or anus. It’s pretty cool because it allows the partner on top to be completely in control of how they receive pleasure and to be able to get up and leave any time they want. For the bottom partner there can be a level of submission involved, but if that’s not in play they also just get to be really close up to an organ that turns them on. Wins all round!

You have to be pretty confident to comfortably take control and sit on someone's face though - silly as that may sound. If you’re the worrying type there are so many aspects of it that can be worrisome. If you’re going to be all up in someone's face, what if you smell or taste bad? What if you accidentally…pass wind? What if you crush or suffocate them?!

Okay, so some of those are more concerning than others, but 9/10 those things will not happen. The likelihood is that the worse thing that will happen is that you enjoy yourself too much…or you don’t like it that much and move on with your life. One or the other, really.

A couple of tips if you are thinking of trying out the squirmiest of seats. Firstly, sit on something firm- maybe ditch the bed and try the floor this one. Sinking into the bed makes no one feel stable or comfortable which is exactly what you both need in a leap of faith position like this. It also helps if you prop the underneath partner’s head on a pillow - this gives them more stability and the top partner more support. There’s no perfect position, so try a couple out to find something that’s comfortable - half kneeling or squatting could work for those who are kind of antsy about putting full weight down on another person. It’s also important to note here, to be careful. Don’t just plop down and risk straining someone's neck and have some sort of system to ensure the bottom partner can take breaks for air if needs be. This can all be decided in advance, because as with most things sexual or otherwise, you’ve gotta communicate if you want it to be good. Use your mouth before you use your mouth, ya know?

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