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How to use a Dildo

How to use a Dildo

Learning to use a dildo properly is a skill all women should take the time to do. Let PlayBlue start you off.

Dildos Buyers Guide - Mistakes to Avoid

Dildos are the most used and common Sex Toy but so many people don't stop for a second and think before buying. Let us help you avoid the most common mistakes. And end up with a little sexy partner you'll love.

Review - Basix 6.5

We decided we wanted to test one of our best selling realistic dildos and decided to roadtest the Basix 6.5” Suction Cup to see is it’s popularity justified. At under €20 this is a not a toy that is going to break the bank and basix is a Pipedream brand so definitely not a yellow pack generic toy so a good...

This is a dilemma that crops up again and again in our support calls. It is the most common mistake that customers make, ordering a sex toy that is too big. Well let’s just roll it back a bit and discuss how big is too big. Your average male penis is about 5”-6” and in reality is plenty big to...

Just a Quickie

I saw this a post about 25_Things_that_look_like_a_dildo and I just had to post it. I loved the one with the fat man in the pool. I'm afraid we don't sell most of these sorry. Judy