Dildos Buyers Guide - Mistakes to Avoid

Dildos Everywhere

We have hundreds of Dildos in stock ready to go but be warned many people don’t put enough (or any) thought into the dildo that will suit them. They just go and buy the best selling or cheapest and are usually left disappointed.

There are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before you pick your perfect Dildo.

When you are confident in your decision we do have a huge selection of Dildos at the best prices, one to suit every need.

How Big is too Big?

By far the most common mistake is to buy too big. An 11” Dildo is going to be too big for most people, but it’s not just length, you need to check out girth too. If you are looking for a generally penis sized dildo you want no bigger than 6/7” and less the 2” girth. Be warned we sell Dildos over 17” long but these are as thick and long as a small arm!!!! Don’t be too greedy unless you are absolutely sure you can handle it.

What will I use it for?

Just look at the selection available everything from Glass, Suction Cup, Realistic, Double Ended and Strap-on. Unless you have very specific criteria of the function you want from your new Dildo go for a Suction Cup I would suggest. It can be used in bed no problem, is generally going to be harness compatible and offers great flexibility of where it can be used without limiting its function. And if you’ve never tried a Suction Cup dildo against a mirror or on a chair or on the side of the bath it really is something to experience.

They’re All the Same, Buy the Cheapest?

Ahhh No. A cheap €15 Dildo can be great but you have to understand what you are getting. A huge mistake we see is customers not really understanding what they have brought, the materials, feel or flexibility etc. If you want something that is ultra lifelike you need to look at the likes of King Cock Dual Density, a Jelly Rubber Dildo is not for you. If Super smooth silicone and not realistic looking is for you then we have plenty of options too. But just be realistic on what you are getting. Like everything in life you get what you pay for.

How do I get this Dildo to vibrate?

Another common mistake purely because people just clicked buy on the first one they liked the look of without reading anything but the name.

As a rule of thumb Dildos don’t vibrate. It’d be called a vibrator then.

What would I need Lube for?

When it comes to sex toys we always think lube helps and especially vibrators and dildos. Lube will make using a dildo at least twice as good and really is the top tip. If I had a choice between a fantastic luxury Dildo with no lube or a cheap dildo with lube, I’m going for the Cheap and Lube option every time. Most Dildos are not silicone lube safe so go water based lubricant if unsure. Look sex lubricant is cheap and you won’t regret it I guarantee that.

Clean, Clean Clean!!!

Should be kind of obvious but lets just be super clear. You will be inserting this Dildo inside your body, I don't care if it was cleaned after the last use. Please clean it before use with warm soapy water to stay safe. 

The absolute sex toy staple which is a good Dildo should be in every girls sex toy bag. Simple, natural and versatile to use you’ll come back to it again and again.

Beginners remember don’t go too big, buy generic (Suction Cup), Clean before use and buy lube. Enjoy

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