Svakom - A PlayBlue Favourite Sex Toy Brand.

It’s been awhile since we did a brand focus and it has been seriously remiss of us to ignore one of my favourite brands. Svakom is a brand we have been selling for years, initially I’ll admit I saw it as a generic filler brand that we’ll sell a few but will never be anything special. Boy was I wrong Svakom has been a huge success. 

Svakom at a first glance is stylish and high quality and they don’t disappoint. We almost never get returns for Svakom which is always a great sign and as a brand it has obviously built up a following as every new Svakom with no effort just sells.

We sell a bit of a strange mix of toys from Svakom as they just seem to focus on designing beautiful high quality sex toys and are not really synonymous with any category.

Svakom Brand

Our best selling Svakoms are three totally different sex toys.

The Svakom Ella was one of our first Svakom additions. An App controlled vibrating love egg that is a real play anywhere wearable rechargeable remote controlled orgasm machine. Our best selling wearable sex toy it is an all-time PlayBlue classic.

Then a recent addition the Svakom Robin Rechargeable Masturbator is super stylish, affordable and just feels so good. Something I’m almost afraid to say out loud, I have no idea how they manage to sell it for this price.

The last of the big three is the Svakom Tulip which is a sumptuous twisted silicone wrapped vibrator that is perfect for beginners and just so intuitive to use. Again for me the price is crazy too.

As you can see Svakom is quite the eclectic selection but it doesn’t end there either. We also sell a couple of gorgeous vibrators like the Svakom Alice which has been one of the more popular luxury rabbits since we stocked it. Again perfect for beginners because of its less imposing size but full of power and style. The Svakom Amy is a silicone wrapped rechargeable for more targeted pleasure toy that also has held a favoured spot in our sex toy collections.

We have recently been expanding the Svakom range mainly due to the success of the brand. So now basically if Svakom make it, we are delighted to sell it. 

The Svakom NEO Phoenix is to be honest a flat copy of the famous Lovense Lush almost looks feels and works identically but at a third of the price so trust me it will be a huge success. If you can't stretch to a Lovense this is a great second choice.

The Svakom Iker is a great challenger to the established Prostate massager brands. It has all the high quality features at a fraction of the price. 

The Svakom Benedict is a rechargeable Cock Ring and Perineum massager we just added but are really excited about.

Svakom has become a real trusted brand for us and I’m delighted to recommend them or when I see orders for them come in I know we’ll have a satisfied customer. To prove its reliability we have only had one returned Svakom product in the last 180 days - Says it all really doesn’t it. Once you buy Svakom there is no way you are giving it back.

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