Stop looking down on Sex Toys

PlayBlue is going to be 10 years in business in July. We have seen loads of changes in the industry and are delighted to see the gradual move of sex toys to the main stream. But I must admit if you told me 10 years ago we’d still be in a situation where PayPal blocks sales of certain sex toys and you still can’t advertise on any social media platform I’d be shocked.

There is still widespread snobbery and puritarianism in the way large sections of society view sex toys. We experience it most days at PlayBlue. 

A few simple examples, recently we tried to change payment providers for our website. The majority of companies wouldn’t even talk to us. Then we wanted to get a Charity Partner we could donate a percentage of sales too, but after numerous attempts not one Irish charity we contacted would even let us put a link to them on our website - I was Shocked!

No Sex Toys

Sex Toys are used exclusively by adults and they help people have more satisfying, varied and happier sex lifes. They are healthy, reduce stress and can help build confidence and teach people about their own bodies. I believe any logical person looking at Sex Toys will struggle to see a real down side. 

The societal view of sex toys seems to be based in 1950s Catholic Ireland where any mention of your bodies or sex life was totally taboo and even the idea of helping men and women have better orgasms would be enough to get you shutdown.

I know in the past the sex toy industry has shot it self in the foot so often. From linking sex toys to pornography and making them back alley seedy places has led to widespread negative views of our industry. Even today there are Sex Shops in Ireland offering loads of the seedier options - Fine if you’re into it but it has nothing to do with sex toys or PlayBlue.

Well let me try to set it straight and show you what the Sex Toy industry in Ireland really is (March 2021) :-

  • 62% of our customers are Women - Kind of shatters the stereotype of the typical sex shop customer.
  • Over Half the people who visit a PlayBlue Shop do so as a couple.
  • In the last 4 years we have sold a sex toy to about 1 in 18 Irish Adults - Look around the area you live in - 1 in 18 adults has at least one PlayBlue sex toy and its growing. It’s everywhere not the perverse few.
  • Lubricant Sales Are Growing over 100% per year - We Irish are getting better at this sex business and for me the growth in Lube sales shows we want better.

Hopefully when I look back on 20 years in business with PlayBlue this post will look very outdated and open honest discussion of our sex life's is common place. 

So anyone who wants to learn about and explore their own bodies and how to better pleasure themselves and partners - Welcome to PlayBlue come on in.

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