Snail Vibe - Something New and Unique

PlayBlue has been selling sex toys in Ireland for over 12 years. We have stocked, sold and played with thousands of products and to be honest we sometimes feel like we have seen it all. Then the odd time a sex toy arrives and you just have to stop.

The Snail Vibe is one of them. At first you look at and go Where is this meant to go? It is a folded strip of silicone with two firm balls at each end. I personally don’t think it is immediately intuitive. I’m also not 100% sure the company making this also does a good job of explaining it.

Snail Vibe

The core idea developed by the Snail Vibe is that it is a “Rabbit” vibrator with a design that allows you to keep the clitoral stimulator touching while also plunging the vibrator in and out. Usually while using a rabbit vibrator for penetration stimulation the clitoral stim just doesn’t work, it is a case of one of the other.

The snail head is where the controls are and the snail shell is the clitoral stimulator that unwinds as it penetrates keeping pressed against the clitoris. Check out the manufacturer video to get the idea.


We shot one of our PlayBlue videos and I must say I was impressed. It has two motors both independently controlled and loads of variations. It is wrapped in silky silicone and feels great. You will need a load of lube using this vibrator as the unwinding without lube is going to possibly cause friction and not the nice kind. Also this is really a one trick pony it is not a generic multi use toy or a beginners first toy. For anything other than dual stimulation I think there are better options. My last comment on the product is I'm not 100% sure about the name. Most people think of snails as slow slightly slimy creatures not sure this is the image to go for.

I love the innovation of the Snail vibe. The company has made an effort at developing something new and not just another generic silicone rabbit that while great is not a product that is anyway new or unique. I think over the next few years there are a few improvements here in design and I expect we will see copies and new ideas flooding this area but we as customers are winners in this.

The Snail Vibe is in stock in PlayBlue and ready to ship. If you have tried a few vibes but are looking for something new I think we might have just the thing.

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