Skins Sampler Tubes

People tend to be very slow to change from their favourite lube. Most people start with a cheap generic lube then progress until you hit your sweet spot then stop. This was fine 20 years ago when we had cheap or cool lubes and that was about it. Now the selection and variety is just amazing from mind blowing tingly lubes to delay lubes to super slippy lubes all the way to more flavours then you’d find in a candy store. But because most people are stuck on their favourite lubes we just don’t try them.

Well Skins have a little solution that might entice you to break out and give them a go. They have launched a few sampler packs each with a selection of some of their most popular lubricants.

Skins Sampler Tubes - Vital Lubes 

Skins Vital Sampler Set

This is a pack of the 3 best selling Skins lubes in a single pack. 

First the Skins Aqua which is our bestselling Skins lube and is super soft with an amazing natural feeling. It is totally odourless and being water-based is safe to use with all sex toys too and condoms. One thing I love about Skins Aqua is the ReAquav8 technology where a few drops of water reactivates the lube for a longer lasting effect.  

The second sampler tube is the Skins Superslide which is a long lasting silky silicone lube that is non-fragranced and as it’s super slippy can double up as a sensual massage oil. I love it because it’s waterproof too so can be used in the shower and bath. Also as it won’t absorb it just lasts and lasts so a small bit will do, making it very economical to use.

Finally the last tube in this set is Skins Excite. The perfect combination of Skins Aqua with added L’Arginine that increases blood flow and senstivity wherever the lube is. So for him and her you feel more combined with better erections. If you’ve never tried a tingling lube you gotta give it a go.

Skins Samplers Vital & Fruity Lubes

Skins Sampler Set

This 6 pack is a combination of the 3 Vital Lube samplers plus 3 magic fruity lubes. Flavoured lubes are great fun and just add that bit of excitement and naughtiness to you lovemaking. The lubes are all water-based Skins Aqua lubes with the added flavour so all still high quality lubricants in their own right just with added fun. We have Succulent Strawberry, Refreshing Watermelon and Tropical Mango & Passionfruit

The Skins Sampler sets are a brilliant present and the perfect opportunity to try something a little different. You might find that Silicone lube is incredible after a first try (and it is) or you might discover a passion for flavoured lube fun. Either way you are guaranteed a selection of great lubes to play with.

If you find one you love of course we sell them all in the bigger Skins 130ml bottles

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