Size Matters - Too Big is a thing!

I know there are loads out there who are going to shout “Noooo!!!!” but there is such a thing as too big. Impossible you may say, but let me tell you we sell a dildo called the Great American Challenge and it is literally the size of my arm. Probably even a little wider. We get one back on a return for every two we send out. 

Maybe it affects us all in that our eyes/lust is bigger than our capacity. A constant problem with sex toy purchases especially online is shock at the size. I would suggest for instance that the average dildo size purchased is around 8” this is much bigger than the average penis size which supposedly is about 5”. So either people want to buy bigger or have a misconception what average size is. It might also be an issue in that smaller or even normal size penis dilos are not made that much.

Big Dildo

By far the biggest reason for returns is Too Big. It is also the classic first time mistake. Let me put it this way, if a Dildo is too small you can still play with it and learn to love it. If a Dildo is too big it becomes near useless and may even end up as a door-stop (we’ve done that).

It is not only Dildos that size is critical, anything anal play size should be the primary question for all the same reasons as discussed above. It is critical to remember you do not naturally lubricate from the Ass so slow and careful should be your guide here.

Obviously if you have a few toys it’s great to have a selection of styles and sizes but starting off please we beg you, start small and work your way up. You might discover the joys of a little engine, it can be more versatile, it definitely is much easier to use longer then 5 mins and of course may be used as a foreplay toy. The Great American Challenge I guarantee you is not a foreplay toy, you will feel nothing after a huge sex toy.

If you live by the Go Big or Go Home mantra and can’t resist the lure of the big boys, well at least don’t skimp on the lube, start with loads and reapply often.

Finally you need to consider size is not all about length. Girth is just as critical. We sell a dildo called the Fat D for instance. It is only 6” long but has a 8.25” diameter. This is an absolute beast, it almost looks square and I guarantee will be much too big for the majority of sex toys aficionado’s. 

We’re PlayBlue and the last we will ever say is you should never do that. If you are desperate for a 17” monster and you have the experience and patience to work up-to it you go for it. Just as Sgt. Esterhaus used to say on Hill St Blues Let's Be Careful Out There (I know I’m old - if you have no idea what I’m talking about Google it or ask you Dad.)

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