Shout about everything except You

PlayBlue is loud and proud of everything we do. It has taken years of experience and mistakes and redesigns and testing and changes to get to where we are today. This journey is something we are proud of and of course we are not “There” yet and never will be as the struggle to constantly improve and evolve will never end.

There is one thing we never want to shout about and that is your private details. Being discreet is absolutely mission critical for us. When placing an order we ask for the bare minimum of information and store the as little as possible too. We never even see your payment details as this is all managed by Shopify our payment provider and the biggest eCommerce host on the planet, so we have no interest or role in storing data from you.

On purpose we have taken a very different view of our customers than the huge eCommerce sites. You are not a resource we own to be mined for information and cash. We are grateful and take it very seriously every time someone places their trust in us to supply them personal intimate products. It is a fun business with a load of silliness but when it comes to protecting our customers and the trust they place in us we don’t mess about.

Let’s look at a few of the standard security and privacy pit holes. 

Stored Data 

First off you can’t even create an account with PlayBlue as we don’t want the responsibility of storing your data. Do you really want every random website to be storing your personal and payment details? All data you must give us to place an order is stored on Shopify and we don’t manage it (again on purpose) we leave that to the experts.

Payment Data

As we said above we never see it don’t mind store it. We also use the name PB Ltd on our receipts and payments so the name PlayBlue is never on Bank or Credit Card Statements.

Order Packing

We double and sometimes triple pack orders. This is slow and expensive for us but we know this guarantees that the contents remain safe and secure. We have tested our packing in the rain and by even playing football with them which was a hoot to ensure the contents are protected and even the nosiest postman won’t be able to tell the contents or who shipped them.

Check out our video to see how we pack orders.


No Customs

We stock all our products in Ireland so we don’t need to do any customs declarations as they are shipped from Ireland. Loads of competitors claim to do this but in reality very few do.

Quality Shipping Partners

We have tried and used every courier service in the country and to be honest they are all (with the odd exception) quite good. We have settled on An Post and Grab Couriers both have excellent delivery success rates and we have found them to be hyper responsive to issues. 

No Ads - No Mining

An obvious one but you’d be surprised. We don’t “own” our customers we sell adult toys and lingerie to them end of story. We don’t sell customer details or trade them or use them to pump ads or anything else we just supply our products as respectfully and discreetly as we can. You own your own information

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our security and discretion if you see anything you reckon we could improve on please let us know we’d really appreciate it.

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