Sexiest County in Ireland ?

 Sexiest county in Ireland ChartWorking at PlayBlue we're always fascinated about where our orders come from and try to figure out any trends that might help us serve the demand for our products better.


In the process of doing this we track counties that we’ve shipped to in each quarter.


For a bit of fun we thought we present a chart showing the counties who purchase the most sex toys.


For the quarter ending Jan-Feb-Mar we compared the number of shipped orders to each county against the county population as taken from the 2011 census.


As you can see Louth is the Sexiest County in Ireland in buying the most adult toys per head of population.


The county with the lowest sex drive seems to be Donegal, maybe the colder weather has them all expert in bed already!


It wasn’t really close either with Louth buying over twice as many adult toys per head then either Donegal or Roscommon.


How sexy is your county?

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