Sex Toys Going Down!

 Sex Toys coming down in priceThe title is a little misleading but the bottom line is the average price of sex toys is plummeting. It wasn’t too long ago that the average good quality vibrator would cost you €40 but things have changed with great little rabbit vibrator now selling for €11. Of course if you want to spend €100 you can, but generally prices are coming down. This I believe is because the move to mainstream acceptance of sex toys has meant that the demand is increasing and it allows retailers to work more economies of scale into their businesses. Not too long ago your average high street sex shop might expect to only sell a handful on sex toys a day meaning they needed to charge a good premium to enable themselves to operate.


Also of course the move to an online world has made the sex shop more accessible than it ever was. Retailers can’t be charging a fortune for sex toys anymore because they will be found out with the ease customers can compare and contrast services, selection and prices.


It’s funny but I believe the market for sex toys is about to explode but I also believe loads of retailers are going to hit the wall as they fail to move to the new reality of cheaper prices, better service, bigger selection and more professional upmarket outlook. Those who stay in the back alley will become relics of a previous age.


All we would advise anyone to do is to shop around and make sure you have the best product at the best price because the variations out there are huge. Happy Shopping

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