Sex Toy Trends

Just before Christmas I got asked by a Sunday World reporter about how Counties differ in their sex toy purchases. It ended up in a little rabbit hole for me and I found it fascinating the differences. The article ended up appearing in the Sunday World on the 21st of December with their own unique slant but it really got me thinking about reasons for the difference. 

Why for instance do we sell almost twice as much sex toys per head in Carlow as we do in Monaghan or Donegal? Are Carlow people kinkier? Are we just better known in Carlow? This is a trend that goes back years with the Sunny South East always doing better for us. Now I know we had a shop in Kilkenny but this is only online sales and surely that should mean Kilkenny should be number one.


For us this is great info as we can see where we need to focus our attention and we can also spot the trends and curate our product selection to take advantage. The biggest trends revealed to us have been Anal Play is now mainstream and Male Toys are becoming hugely popular and about time too.

Now I’m no spring chicken and when I was younger Anal Play was a serious taboo and almost whispered about as something that happens in pornos. Now literally every third order has some anal play product which is fantastic. It is also great to see the Irish see the benefits of using Lube too which of course in Anal Play is critical to a good experience. Long may it last that we continue exploring and being more open to new sexual experiences. 

Male toys as anyone who has been reading my blog for awhile knows is something I always push. Why should Women have all the fun? Well you have been listening as sales of Male Toys and specifically male masturbators has doubled in 2022. This has led to a revolution of choice and options available now. From the traditional Fleshlight style to incredible hi-tech masturbating machines like AutoBlow, Svakom Sam Neo, The Handy and loads more. That suck, vibrate, spin, heat up, are internet controlled and simple to use and clean. They are just amazing and you just gotta try one. 

It’ll be interesting to watch the stats and trends in 2023 to see which counties get on board and explore their bedroom pleasure options. Will Carlow take home the title as the Kinkiest county in Ireland again?

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