Sex Toy Brands vs Own Brand

In sex toys the idea of brands is easy to ignore as the vast majority of us have never heard of these brands. They are not mainstream on the supermarket shelf names in your face, we are talking Orgie or Womaniser or Lelo or Main Squeeze or Fun Factory. None of them are going to get mass market name recognition.

This has led to a proliferation of own brands or non brands. All the mass retailers predominately sell own brands sex toys. They use a couple of high priced Branded sex toys like Lelo Rabbits then push loads of similar looking cheap own brand alternatives. True they tend to be much cheaper than recognised brands but they also tend to be much lower in quality. This in my opinion is really bad for the sex toy industry. 

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Imagine two first time sex toy buyers, both nervously browsing the thousands of vibrators on modern websites (like PlayBlue). The first Judy has heard of the brand Vibe Couture and even though it is a fair bit dearer she plums for the Rabbit Inferno for €49.95. It arrives in a beautiful box and feels incredible and delivers orgasm after orgasm as she explorers her new sex toy and her own pleasure. This is the perfect scenario for our new customer and for us the sex toy industry. Judy is a sex toy convert for life and will get years of pleasure from the wide array of sex toys on offer, it is the perfect win win. 

Now imagine Paula the second buyer browses the rabbits gets a bit overwhelmed at the selection and recognises none of them. So she picks an own brand rabbit for €34.95, it looks great in the pictures and seems to have all the features of the branded rabbits. It turns up still looks nice in the box but it feels a little flimsy and rubbery and offers little power and gives up the ghost after 3 weeks. Paula is left disappointed and probably has the impression sex toys are rubbish and will waste a long time and miss out on tons of pleasure because of the terrible first impression, the classic lose lose.

Brands offer a bit of a guarantee that you know quality is important to the manufacturer to protect and enhance the brand. Own brands are mass produced white label products that are sold under tons of names in different boxes. With non brand it is about getting production costs as low as possible sacrificing nearly everything else. 

Brands are also the breeding ground of innovation and new ideas. Everything we have in the sex toy industry is because of the great brands past and present who had a spark of a naughty idea.

At PlayBlue we sell loads of brilliant brands and I must admit I love it when I see one getting packed because I know the customer is guaranteed to be satisfied. Especially for beginners I would always recommend a branded sex toy, the difference in price for similar features is usually around 15% but it is a small premium to pay for the orgasm you will enjoy. 

We also of course sell non branded sex toys but we have a few rules in the sex toys we sell. First is we only sell non branded that is supported by one of the big distributors. In this way we can be sure basic quality and reliability is a given. We never buy non branded sex toys direct from factories as these will nearly always in our experience be a disappointment. Finally if we get a return rate for sex toys over a couple of percent we dump the brand.

PlayBlue will always support brands because they offer the best for our customers and the best for the sex toy industry. I know you might not ever have heard of Fun Factory or AutoBlow but they are among the absolute best most reliable sex toys you can buy and come with satisfaction guaranteed.

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