Sex Can be Embarrassing!!

For most of us, sex is one of the best, most rewarding experiences that we can enjoy. There is nothing better than knowing that you have a hot sexy date after work, just you, your significant other and the best of Barry White playlist.

Embarressing Sex

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go to plan and you can find yourself feeling upset and embarrassed. But you are not alone. The truth is, bodies do embarrassing things and at the worst possible moments and sometimes the only thing to do is to laugh it off.

A few of the most common Body Faux Pas

  1. Releasing gas during sex. Yep, this is a thing. It can happen for a few reasons. After you orgasm the muscles around your genitals relax, including the sphincter and a bit of gas can escape. You have probably heard of the term Fanny FartAn odd term for a natural phenomenon, this is the release of gas from the vagina. This is an odourless puff of air that is released from the vagina after sex. It happens to a lot of women. Farting, this can also happen. Let’s face it, there is someone pressing down on your mid-section. There are things that cannot be prevented.
  2. Peeing During Sex. This can happen from time to time if you have been blessed with a sensitive bladder. If you are having a particularly intense session a small bit of pee can come out. This can also happen if you have recently given birth or your pelvic muscles are a little weak. Kegel exercises are great for helping to solve this problem and in meantime, a quick trip to the loo might be in order before getting down to the fun.
  3. Gagging During Oral Sex. This has happened to everyone, at least once and it can make you feel incredibly unsexy. Take solace in the fact that your partner is probably enjoying himself far too much to notice.
  4. No Erection. Guys, sometimes erections just don’t happen…. Nobodies fault. It can happen (or not happen as the case may be) because of many reasons, you are tired, or stressed or your mind is elsewhere. Both parties can feel really embarrassed – each thinking they are to blame – so it is important to reassure each other and try not let it colour the encounter badly. It doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.
  5. Need Lube? On the other side of the coin, ladies, sometimes you are all ready to go and you discover you are still dry, even though the foreplay was amazing. Just like men experiencing no erection this is no one’s fault and can sometimes just happen. Therefore it is always good to keep a bottle of lube handy
  6. Wet Patches. After you have done the deed you want nothing more than to lie back in each other arms and bask in the afterglow, and then you realise there are wet patches on the sheets. To be fair you are dealing with lots of different bodily fluids, just bundle up the sheets and pop them into the washing machine. If you are worried that it is because the condom may have broken just run a little water through it to make sure there are no leaks.
  7. Getting Stuck. The condom can sometimes get stuck…. Not the sexiest of endings to an otherwise erotic encounter. But it is something ye can laugh off together and next time just get him to hold it as he pulls out.
  8. The Arrival of The Period. While this can put an end to the mood rather quickly, it is not the worst thing that can ever happen. It is a natural process that happens to every woman and sometimes it can arrive earlier than it expected. Just remember nobody has done anything wrong and everything can wash off easily.

Nobody is perfect, nothing is perfect and this includes sex. Mistakes happen, your leg cramps, someone falls off the bed or you accidently spill the lube everywhere. It is how we deal with the mishaps that shall determine whether it shall become the cringiest of stories or whether it becomes what you and your partner can laugh about and help bring you closer.  


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