Scary Sex Toys for Halloween

scary dildo sex toyFirst off we at PlayBlue don’t sell any of these, we’re not sure the market in Ireland and England is ready for this yet. I just thought I’d share it being the season of ghost and ghouls and some of this is seriously scary. If there is anyone out there who is in the market for Poo like sex toys or a dolphin penis dildo or a zombie dildo then this is the site for you.


ScarySexToyFriday is a funny look at the scariest sex toys on the web. We haven’t been featured yet (thank god) and there seems to be a focus on Japanese products which do tend to look a bit out there to us westerners but some of them are just off the scale. I wonder what the market for a real life like Dolphin penis dildo says about someone?? I understand a love of animals but this is a little bit too far. Or a dildo made to look like a poo??


Well at PlayBlue we do believe in live and let live and each to their own and it really goes to show that anything and everything is catered for on the web. But those Japanese love the wacky don’t they. A poo dildo is really not my idea of a turn on but it just does to show you that one person's turn on is another persons turn off. Don't forget to flush !

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