Rocks Off Chaiamo - A PlayBlue Favourite

Rocks Off is a brand we have partnered with since day one. An English company that is synonymous with high quality powerful sex toys. Over the last 12 years we have built a great relationship with Rocks Off and we would tend to trust their judgement when it comes to new release. I must admit though when they introduced the Rocks Off Chaiamo I was sceptical. A full size rechargeable bullet, great but €40 retail no chance was my first impression. We sell rechargeable bullets for €19, why buy this one for double the price. 

Then I tried it. Correct we do sell rechargeable bullets for half the price and they are good. But the difference in the Chaiamo is first the build quality and texture of the silicone is amazing. Then the vibration has a deep rumbling sensation where cheaper bullets are kind of tinny in comparison. This rumbling vibration seems to penetrate deep into you for an amazing almost internal pleasure.

It is full sized at 160mm with all the quality features you’d expect from Rocks Off, waterproof, magnetic rechargeable, velvet touch silicone and tons of vibration and pulsating options. 

Since we launched it sales of the Chaiamo have grown and grown with it now by far being our best selling bullet vibrator and an overall top 5 selling product for PlayBlue. The build quality also shows as our returns rate is non-existent. This is a product that just sells that our customers love. If you want to see it in action our product page has the marketing video Rocks Off supply but also below our no bullshit PlayBlue Video.


One of the main things I’ve loved about the Chaiamo is just how simple and easy to use it is. A single button which you hold to switch on/off and single press to cycle through the functions. Perfect for beginners and a good bullet is a great all-rounder too as it can be used to stimulate anything anywhere. I also found this bullet to be surprising quiet for the power on offer. 

It is now the de-facto bullet vibrator we recommend and we love when customers buy it because they are always delighted with it, meaning happy customers are repeat customers.

Because we have a partner arrangement with Rocks Off and we order directly off them. We get them at the lowest price possible meaning we can sell it at the lowest possible price too.

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