Reviews - We can handle the truth

We have been collecting reviews for over 10 years but to be honest we have always been quite passive. We always had the option to leave a review on a product and of course TrustPilot reviews on our service but we have never actively sought them out. 


Well about 2 months ago we installed a new system called which actively seeks reviews on products sold and the reviews we have been receiving are amazing. Some reviews are really detailed and give a real insight into the purchase decision and the actual real life use cases for our products. Maybe I’m getting a little old or sex toys when you work around them all day start to lose their shock value but people really are much more open about their sexuality and discussing their desires and experiences then even a few years ago. We’ve gotten reviews with pictures and reviews that read like essays and we love them.

We are looking for fair reviews that are honest. If you found a problem with a product, mention it. Our job is to source the best sex toys at the best prices for our customers. If a product is rubbish let us and other customers know. Conversely if a product is brilliant it is just as important to let us know too. We publish every review with a couple of exceptions. If on a product review you start to discuss shipping we might change it to a service review or not publish it as these reviews appear on the product pages on our website and we don’t want a full discussion on the An Post strike in Macroom filling up the product details. Also if the review has abusive or explicit language or we feel is really unfair we will not publish it, like sometimes we get a 5-Star review with the words “It is absolutely terrible” this to us is confusing and we will not publish it. We also will not publish any review with identifying details like emails or phone numbers or address parts. If on the rare occasion you receive a faulty product please contact us for our returns before placing a review as it would only be fair to review a functional toy after we replace it. 

We now send an email to customers about 10 days after delivery, discreetly asking for a review of the products bought. We already have over 2,600 reviews collected on various products and they are really helping customers to make purchase decisions. We also find them fantastic as if we get a bad or great review it lets us know we should be investigating that product a little more. Rubbish products will be discontinued and brilliant products will be promoted on the website. We want our customers to get the best sex toys to have the best experiences.

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