Review - Jessica Rabbit Slim

Jessica Rabbit SlimThe Jessica Rabbit Slim is one of our more popular rabbits and according to the box seems to have it all so we decided to put it to the test.

I went home with one last week and I know I might not be typical as I’m far from a vibrator virgin but I wanted to see how it would stack up as a beginner rabbit and as a rabbit to please the more experienced.

First impressions are that for me it’s the right size, and for a beginner I’d suggest one of the slimmer style rabbits too which this fits into. If you prefer a larger rabbit then this probably might be a little small for you.

Jessica Rabbit BatteriesTo load the batteries you just unscrew the base of the vibrator and add the 4 AAA batteries (which are not included, I hate that don't you?) to the space provided as shown. Make sure to replace the battery holder the correct way around and tightly screw back the cap to ensure it is fully water tight.

To operate the Slim is easy enough and quiet typical for a multi-functional rabbit if you’ve ever used one before. There are basically two separate functions the clit stim and the shaft.

To Start the rabbit shaped clitoris stimulator this press the on/off button in the middle of the controls. The button below it cycles through the 6 speeds.

The shaft of the vibrator is operated using the other two buttons the on/off button to start it then the other button beside it to cycle through the 6 settings it has. That's it!

Jessica Rabbit Controls

Obviously as the controls are totally separate the rabbit and shaft can be operated separately or alone what ever takes your fancy.

To switch either off you just press the on/off button. It really is that simple.

Now to the fun bit. If feels solidly built nothing innovative no amazing unique feature, but it has all the function of a modern rabbit, i.e. separate rabbit clitoris stimulator and shaft motors, dual controls, waterproof, totally skin-safe, rows of metal beads in the shaft and 6 speeds settings for the shaft and clit stim.

First time out as always with a new vibrator for me it’s over too quick I always get over excited and well just get too sensitive and before I know it I’m done without getting a chance to try it all out.

Second time out I'm ready. It is quiet, not the quietest on the market but definitely quieter than any of the larger models. Noise is always a trade-off with power and size and the Jessica Rabbit Slim is definitely in the more discreet rabbit section.

The controls are really easy to use and don’t get in the way like some of the more complicated ones which is great. If I have any gripes it’d be the shaft rotation is a little less than I’d prefer but overall a fantastic rabbit vibrator that is as good as any rabbit I’ve used.

Washing it is simple as its waterproof too. It is really difficult to fault a great all-rounder and beginner rabbit vibrator might be a little small for the more experienced well priced too, a great vibrator in the Jessica range

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