Real-Sized Lingerie

We have had a great big hole in our catalogue for years and I’m delighted that we have started to fill it in. This week alone we have added over 60 new exclusively large size lingerie items, These are not larger sized petite lingerie these are lingerie items from brands that exclusively deal with larger sizes. 

We have always been reluctant to pile all in on lingerie as the reality is the vast majority of models and lingerie items are not designed for real women. We have searched and have never quite been happy with what we’ve found. Either it has been petite models so you have no real idea what the actual item will look like or prices have been off the charts or worse sizes are all over the shop. 

Plus Size Lingerie

Well at last the worm seems to be turning and we have grabbed a load of new plus-sized exclusives and we are delighted to start this process rolling. Our plan is to continue to offer a major focus on real-size lingerie and we will continue to add as many as we can.

A few of the brands we have recently added like Cottelli Curves and Le Desir have embraced more realistic models and sizes and we are delighted to see it. We have also added brands like Vixen, Tease and Curve all new brands to PlayBlue and are all doing amazing work.   

We have sizes in this larger range from L to 5XL and all the models are not what you would usually see.They are beautiful normal sized women. Many of the items have little videos to show you exactly what you can expect. We will of course also be stocking the full range in Tallaght and most of the range (space is always an issue) in Cork so if you prefer to buy in-store the prices are always the same and the customer service is even better.

Please bear with us though as we have only just launched this new segment on our website and I’m sure there will be loads of changes and tons of additions over the coming months. Also of course if you have any suggestions or questions please let us know we are serious about getting this right. So let us apologise again in the long wait to right this wrong but at least we are beginning to get there now.

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