R.A.C.K and SSC

Risk Aware Consensual Kink and Safe Sane And Consensual, safety guidelines that are used frequently within BDSM and Kink communities

Kink can best be described as sexual practices that fall outside of the “social norms”. Though any practice that happens between two consenting and informed adults are, of course, normal. But kink can fall between the lines of pleasure/pain, dominance/submission or the fetishising of body parts and practices that don’t necessarily fit in with the romantic ideals of sex.

Sometimes the play during kinky encounters can be deemed dangerous - bondage, whips, pinwheels or electric stimuli or even rather heavy duty items like knives or needles. Kink might not even be about the physical but the emotional and mental - degradation, humiliation and the willingness to give or receive power. To make this as safe as possible most kinksters adhere to SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) or R.A.C.K (Risk Awareness Consensual Kink).

Nearly like philosophies, both ideas have their basis in ensuring the safety and consent of all parties involved, but they differ from each other and people can make a decision which one suits them best. 


SAFE - This is knowing that everyone's well being shall be taken care of. That all partners are aware of boundaries and limitations that have been set down before the play has even begun. That safe words are in place and that all partners are fully aware how to use any instruments that might be involved. The safety aspect doesn’t just encompass the physical well being but also the emotional and mental well being. That everyone can be trusted and all involved shall receive the care and support before, during and after the play. 

SANE- This is to have realistic expectations from the play. To be aware that all people involved are human and just because it can be seen in porn does not mean that it translates to real life. It also means that whatever play is decided upon has as much risk removed from it as possible so that participants are as secure as can be with boundaries and limitations set firmly in place. 

CONSENSUAL - This is self explanatory. That no matter what kind of play or what role someone takes within it, nothing happens until someone has given full and enthusiastic consent and that all play shall cease if the consent, for whatever reason is revoked. 

When undertaking the SSC philosophy people are agreeing that they are only going to be part of types of play that are based in “safer” activities. 


Alternatively, people might use R.A.C.K. People engaging in kink, especially what could be deemed the more extreme end of kink, are aware that what they might be engaging in won’t be without a degree of risk and that it is up to each individual to take responsibility for their well being within the encounter. 

So while boundaries and and limitations are still firmly in place, fully negating any risk might not be an option. For those comfortable enough it becomes about taking the risk into account and working with it and their partner(s), spending alot of time becoming comfortable and feeling safe around each other and the activity.

However, like SSC and any sexual encounter, consent is a vital part of R.A.C.K. 

Both SSC and R.A.C.K are both there to ensure the safety and well being of all participants as are boundaries, setting limits, safe words, the traffic light system or any agreed upon cues. The key to successful play stems from open, frank and honest discussions which might seem a bit daunting at first but can end up with discovering the kinky side that was always there!   

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