Premium Lube vs Generic Lube

Our biggest selling product has been lube for years. This has changed drastically in Ireland. Years ago when we started lube was a small part of our business and the majority of customers in-store and online didn’t buy it. I’ll include myself here, 10 years ago I’d never used lube, just didn’t see the point. 

Slowly but surely sex lubricant sales have grown especially in the last 3 years and now we sell lube by the pallet load every month. I’m delighted and proud of the work and promotion we have been part of at PlayBlue to advance the use of lubricant in sex play.

Big Lube

Now I have a new mission which is to get all those new lube converts to appreciate the difference between a generic lubricant and a high quality branded lubricant.

When I say we sell lube by the pallet the vast majority of that is generic bulk non-branded lubricant which probably outsells high quality lubes 20 to 1. I always tell customers who have bought a generic lube before and have come back in looking to buy again to try a branded lube. I’m telling you once you do you will never go back to generic lubes.

First off before I tell you why premium lube is better then generic, any lube is 100 times better than no lube. Everything sex-wise is better with lube and if generic lube is what you have please use it once you start using lube you will struggle to ever have sex again without it. That core message I’ve been shouting about the last 10 years remains true today.

High quality lubes like Swiss Navy, ID, Pjur or Skins are more expensive granted but because they are of a much higher quality won’t dry out quickly meaning a small application once is usually enough meaning the price difference is not really as large as you might think. For instance a 130ml Skins Aqua for €13.95 (at time of writing) should easily last as long as our bestseller the Loving Joy 250ml (€8.95).

Next is the feel, some people find generic lube can get a little tacky or sticky meaning you will apply more and more meaning sometimes you end up using loads and often and with a little bit of a mess. A good quality lube will be much smoother and as it doesn’t absorb in as quickly and will stay slippy much longer. 

Personally for sex I prefer a silicone lube and if you use a high quality one like Swiss Navy it is made to last and stay on the skin. A small squirt will generally do and in my experience feels natural and lubricated much longer. 

Obviously as always it is horses for courses and personal preference, if you love to lash on the lube and slip and slide then a generic lube probably makes more sense as you can be indiscriminate with use and just lather it on. We sell litre bottles and we have customers who buy them regularly, good on them they know what they want and just get it.

First I always advise people to try lube as I’ve yet to hear of anyone who doesn’t enjoy it. Then once you have why not try a quality lubricant to see the difference I promise you you won’t regret it.

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