Power Plays

The majority of sex toys we sell have a power requirement. They might vibrate or suck or thrust or waggle or often a combination of pleasure plays. All this orgasmic movement needs a power source. Only a few years ago the predominant power source was batteries. They are great and handy but messy and finicky to fit correctly then they often let you down when you need it most. They of course are also terrible for the environment.

Luckily the majority of sex toys now are rechargeable or mains powered for the bigger beasts. This means that the toys now are generally really waterproof rather than kinda waterproof with batteries. We still have a long way to go before we can get to a standard charger. Every brand and even often different toys in brands have their own unique charger. This is fine until you lose them. We often ship out spare chargers when we have them on request but many brands don’t sell the chargers separately which is a bit of a racket if you ask me. 

Power Up

Some of the bigger more established brands like Satisfyer and Fun Factory have standardised chargers so can often be interchanged and they also often sell chargers too so replacements are possible. 

I wanted to give a few tips on using and caring for sex toys based on power source.


Mind your charger and only use when charging, don’t leave it plugged in. Older style toys especially, work best with only charging a full cycle. Don’t charge for 10 mins to get a use it will reduce the lifespan of your sex toy.

Most chargers nowadays are USB and don’t come with a plug. Only charge off the mains. Charging off a computer will never charge your sex toy properly and will leave you disappointed. Also a load of them are Magnetic Rechargers. They are great and easy to use but just be careful that they are connected properly when you put it down to charge as they can disconnect very easily.

If your charger is lost or broken contact us we often get loads of samples and may have a charger lying around we can ship you.


New high quality batteries work much better and will give a stronger, better experience. A lot of cheaper battery powered sex toys ship with no batteries or cheap crappy batteries so treat yourself and get a fresh high quality set. When changing batteries please change them all. We also advise you don’t store your sex toys with batteries installed as they may corrode or leak and damage your sex toy or inadvertently come on and waste the batteries.

Often vibrators and sex toys with batteries will claim to be waterproof, I’m skeptical and personally I don’t trust them. If you want to risk it please ensure the rubber water seal on the battery compartment is on correctly and the battery cover is super tight. Again I wouldn’t risk it, you’ve been warned.

Mains Powered

Simple to use and just plug them in, but often EU based toys come with an EU plug so you may need an adaptor. Also obviously these should not be used in water no matter what you think a plug-in device in the bath or shower is a recipe for disaster don’t do it.

Finally I know the battery won’t run out but the motor might so don’t just leave a battery powered sex toy on. It will be gobbling juice hence money and the motor won’t last forever. 

Finally I suggest using a power surge outlet or adaptor to ensure your toy and your body are protected.

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