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Sometimes we forget to crow about ourselves or take something we do really well for granted. I think our PlayBlue Videos are a perfect example.

We have been creating product demo videos for years and have built up hundreds that are on product pages and in our YouTube and Vimeo channels. 

We have a great time in-store helping customers find the perfect product and showing them exactly what they can expect and how it works. We wanted a way to replicate this for our online customers and all we could find was a load of marketing videos designed to convince you to buy but not necessarily giving you the full picture. So years ago when we started making these videos we had a plan to produce simple honest no sales tricks videos, just focusing on the actual product and what it does, almost like video reviews and unboxings.

Our videos are designed to attempt to replicate this classic in-store demo you might get. There are no marketing frills or tricks and sometimes we can be a little too honest saying exactly what we think. 

Looking at our product videos you will get a real true video of exactly what the product is like, it’s size and how it works. At one stage we had a full studio style setup but I think we lost something, I much prefer the adhoc videos we do now which look much more real and honest.

We want our customers to be happy with their purchases and especially when purchasing online it can be very tough to get a clear picture of exactly what you’ll get. The old joke about not knowing how big 6” are, is really helped by the videos. We have also found our videos have been great to help with customer questions and even in store questions. Thankfully too it has slowed down customers buying 12” dildos and getting a shock when it turns up.

We are trying to get videos on the bulk of our products but as you can imagine it is time consuming and can often not be seen as a priority. I also sometimes laugh when we have a manufacturer video and our video on the product page and see the difference between the perception and reality.

So if you see a product video on the sex toy you are interested in, take a look and see what you can really expect. They say pictures are better than a thousand words, our videos are better than a hundred thousand. 

You can checkout all our videos on our Vimeo Channel (no ads) or on YouTube and of course on

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