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Our PlayBlue Videos is one thing I am so proud about. We now have well over 500 home produced videos and are adding approximately 10 a week.

PlayBlue Product Videos

Now if you are beginning to tune out thinking more crappy promo videos you should know PlayBlue better then that by now. - we are very different. Our aim is to give you the most real-life view of the product you can get.

The biggest obstacle for a customer buying one of our products online is the question “What does it really look like?” or “How big is it really?”. This is the fundamental challenge to selling online, your customers don’t get a chance to actually pick up the toy feel it, see the size, figure out how it works etc.

(Videos Like this)


Well our PlayBlue videos try to help this problem. They are not marketing videos and can even be a little negative sometimes. The idea is to mimic what a customer could do in a shop. They are shot top down so you only ever see my hands (that’s for the best trust me). We open it up, describe the feel, size, give first impressions. Then we might switch it on, play with the settings. We usually even get the ruler out and give exact real measurements.

The plan is that after watching our product videos you have a no nonsense real view of what the product is like and how to use it. We don’t use professional lighting or actors we want to just give the true picture no BS.

Our goal is to cover all our products but sometimes we are adding products faster than we can do videos but we’ll get there.

All I can promise is we’ll never lie in a video and there will never be the hard sell, I might sometimes say I love a brand or think a toy is great but this is just me giving an opinion, look at the video and make that decision yourself.

You can see all our videos on our Vimeo Page

PlayBlue SexCoach Videos

We have a qualified Sex Coach working at PlayBlue, Viktoria Laszlo and she has been producing incredible sex-ucational videos, covering everything from Energetic Touches to Pleasure Breaths through to how to make Anal Play Awesome. The Viktoria also runs some of our favourite products through their paces and doesn’t pull any punches.

Viktoria SexCoach

Now I can ramble on about the products, what they feel like, size them etc but Viktoria is the expert and if you want to improve your sex life you have met your teacher.

Checkout out all of Viktoria's Videos 

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