PlayBlue Top 5 - Lockdown Valentine's Gifts

The first big mistake people make buying Valentine's gifts is that there are generally two of you in this. You want a present that will thrill and excite you both. Also unless you have discussed it, Valentine's Day is not a day for going too extreme. If you've never tried or discussed Bondage Play you might find a surprise Ball Gag might not get the reaction you were looking for.

Valentine's is about love and romance, especially a lockdown Valentine's. We've all struggled with the restrictions so spoil yourselves this Valentine's make it special. Switch off the Netflix for a night, Light a few candles, Get a Bottle of Bubbles, Prepare (or Just Eat) a favourite meal, Play Some soft music and take the time to enjoy each others company again without the distractions. If you have kids cut loose the routine for the evening get a pizza and stick on Disney+.

After all that "you" time you will be in the mode for a little "play" time. A few little kinky additions will make it all the better, slow down take the time and explore.

Sounds great huh? But I've never bought a sex toy and have no clue where to start? Well that's where PlayBlue come in. This list is five of our favourite romance boosters for that special night in - we are not looking for pound and grind or a quickie this is about taking the time to play and discover.

Satisfyer Double Joy - €39.95

Satisfyer Double JoyThis may not be the vibrator to start off with but I guarantee you will both get an amazing experience from it. Satisfyer may not have invented the couples vibrator but God they've perfected it. The Satisfyer Double Joy is a couples vibrator that has the lot. Medical Grade silicone, Rechargeable, IPX7 waterproof, Incredible Satisfyer guarantee, Dual Motors, Super Flexible and App Controlled. This means remote play is possible too. It really is a struggle to fault it and at only €39.95 it really is top of the range build and features for a bargain price. 

Satisfyer Wand-er XL Massager - €49.95

Wand-er SatisfyerThis is the ultimate forplay sex toy. It delivers pulsing vibrations anywhere. From relaxing deep rumbling massage to a jolt of power to your most sensitive spots. An amazing high quality full size super smooth silicone Massager. Rechargeable that delivers market leading power, you'll struggle to use it on full power. It is also waterproof and covered by the Satisfyer 15 year warranty and at only €49.95 it always leaves us looking for the catch. Definitely one of the absolutely best massagers we've used and one we always seem to come back to. The Wand-er XL is one Massager that is very hard to beat.

Loving Joy Beginners Bondage Kit - €34.95

Loving Joy Beginners Bondage KitA little bondage play even a massager coupled with a mask makes for an incredible night. If you have never tried even a simple mask it makes the sensations of your partner's touch magnified. This incredibly high quality fake leather fur lined kit is sturdy yet super comfortable. A kit is great as you might only use the mask but you now have the temptation to explore. If you both have ever had even the vaguest idea to try a little bondage play this is a brilliant place to start. Remember it's Valentine's take your time and explorer each other. You never know it could be the start of your own Red Room Adventures!

Satisfyer Endless Fun - €49.95

Satisfyer Endless LoveThis looks strange but is truly the most versatile sex toy you'll ever own. It really is 3 Vibrators joined together so you can twist and move these into incredible positions for you both. It is totally unobtrusive too, it does it's job without getting in the way. Solo or together if you can't find a place to use the Endless Fun you need to try a little harder.
I also love how it looks it is not to phallic or explicit looking, for couples play it is absolutely perfect. It's Satisfyer too so Rechargeable, Guaranteed, Silicone, Triple Motors and looks incredible in the box too. Only €49.95 until Satisfyer realise they are selling them too cheap.!

Rocks Off Chaiamo - €39.95

Rocks Off ChaiamoThe Bullet is the ultimate easy to use all-rounder and one of the best you can buy is the Rocks Off Chaiamo. Rocks Off invented the bullet vibrator and are still the masters. The Chaiamo is their flagship bullet and it is a power machine dressed up for the ball. If it is raw power you want this is the one for you. A nice larger size bullet wrapped in silky silicone with all the features you'd expect in a top of the range bullet. Use anywhere that might benefit from a little buzz and if you are anything like me that is literally everywhere. Rechargeable, Waterproof, Velvety Silicone it really is a beauty. Rocks Off is a brand you can trust in Bullet Vibrators and this is their best - enough said.

Well what do you think? Tempted? Hopefully this list will give you an idea on how you might spice it up a bit for your Lockdown Valentine's. Staying in is the new going out for all of us now so may as well make the best of it.

My last single piece of Valentine's kinky advice is - Use lube and don't skimp. Repeat after me - Almost everything in the bedroom is better with lube!

Disclaimer:- This blog post was written in January 2021 and obviously in the future there might be more Toys that should make this list and of course prices may change. We will endeavour to keep this post up-to date.

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