PlayBlue Top 5 Sex Toys - July 2023

Brands still continue to dominate Ireland’s favourite sex toys. We Irish don’t seem to take to the yellow pack own brands sex toys that seem to be so popular in the UK. We also seem to spread the love over a few different toy ranges. 10 years ago the Top 5 would have been all vibrators and rabbits. Now there isn’t a rabbit at all. 

Top5 Sex Toys

The best selling sex toys for the last 90 days are in reverse order 

5 - Fleshlight - Boost Bang

The latest Fleshlight release and it has been an instant hit with our customers. Only a couple of months on sale is just dominating Fleshlight sales for us. It features two new floating rings that ensures a tight grip. Also the suction control has been improved and just overall works much better. Combine this with all the usual Fleshlight quality it has been very popular. I wonder will it hold its place in the top 5?

4 - Satisfyer Double Joy 

Couples sex toys have grown and grown at PlayBlue with Satisfyer leading the way. The Double Joy has been the most popular since its release a few years back. Great features and quality combined with a great price make it easy to see why. App controlled and Satisfyers brand quality this has been knocking around the top 5 for a long time now and I don’t see it going anywhere.

3 - Lovense Lush 3 

Introduced late last year the Lovense brand recognition has made it an instant smash. This is a top end brand and the flagship wearable remote controlled vibrator. Beautifully designed and near silent to use it comes with a near guarantee of total satisfaction. The dearest product on the list but this really is a case of you get what you pay for. Trusted by 1000’s of professionals it has been tried and tested and just works wonderfully.

2 - Doxy Massager 

The beast and oldest product on the list. This is the vibrator to turn too for the big jobs. Nothing subtle here, it is power and precision. Great as a couples toy or solo play it adds huge rumbling vibrations to anything it touches and with proper care will last years. Built to last and please we love the Doxy and have been selling it proudly for over a decade.

The best selling product that PlayBlue have sold in the last 90 days is - Drum roll please ……..

1 - Satisfyer Pro2+ 

Our PlayBlue customers just can’t stop buying the Satisfyer Pro2+. It is the suction stimulator that has it all. First off it has been around a couple of years so if trusted and has grown a huge fanbase. Then you add incredible Air Pulse suction with added vibration options and all for a really incredible price it is better than products twice its price. Our biggest problem is keeping them in stock.

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