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Probably the most famous sex toy of them all the Rabbit Vibrator was made famous in the 90's through the TV show Sex in the City. This dragged the rabbit vibrator to the mainstream conscious where it has thrived ever since.

We sell more rabbit vibrators then any other type of sex toy and it's easy to see why. The Rabbit Vibrator is really a classic penetrating vibrator with an attached clitoral stimulator, traditionally the clit stim looked like rabbit ears hence the name but now they come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. This makes the rabbit a great all-rounder and very versatile. If you prefer penetration you're covered, but if you need clitoral stimulation too you are also covered.

Things have moved on a lot since the first rabbits, now with super soft velvety silicone, rechargeable, waterproofing, multiple motors, and a ton of other great features at a fraction of the price.

Rabbits are a staple of every woman's sex toy box and a great beginner sex toy as it leaves you explorer what you like best.

Here is a list of our absolute favourite Top 5 Rabbit Vibrators. We've rated the Rabbits based on features, price, power and experience. Not always the most expensive and I'm sure everyone won't agree but here is our Top 5...

Satisfyer Mono Flex - €49.95

Satisfyer Mono FlexThe Satisfyer Mono Flex is a beautiful rabbit vibrator. Packed with all the feaures of a top of the range rabbit yet only €49.95. Super flexible this is one rabbit that will adapt to every woman. All the standard Satisfyer goodies, 15 year guarantee, Waterproof, Rechargeable, Dual Motors, Whisper quiet and even better it is remote controllable from the Satisfyer App for an incredible range of programs. This is a Gucci Vibrator on a Penny's budget and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Fun Factory - Tiger G5 - €99.95

Fun Factory TigerOk the dearest on the list and probably not even the most feature rich. But it's a Fun Factory - and they make the most incredible sex toys. German built for quality and style throughout. At PlayBlue we love Fun Factory they are easily one of the highest quality brands we sell and the Tiger G5 is their take on the clit stim vibrator. All the features you'd expect rechargeable, Medical Grade Silicone, Waterproof, Whisper quiet etc etc. Fun Factory's big selling points are style, design, reliability and build quality and the Tiger G5 has it in spades.


Silicone Thrusting Rechargeable Rabbit - €54.95

Silicone ThrustingThe only non-brand Rabbit on the list and probably the rabbit with the most features. This is one rabbit that has it all. Designed and built be a German Sex Toy retailer who knows through years in the business what women want in a rabbit and boy does this deliver. 
This is a rabbit that is the ultimate in multifunction, it is rechargeable has thrusting functions can heat up has a rotating head function and is waterproof. Literally it does everything but make the tea. It will take a little getting used to with all the functions but if you can think it this Rabbit does it!


Svakom Alice - €79.95

Svakom AliceThis is another beautiful rabbit vibrator. Svakom are synonymous with sleeky stylish vibrators and the Alice is a prime example. But it's not just a looker, the Alice is incredibly powerful and silky smooth to the touch. All the features you'd expect in a modern rabbit vibrator and brilliant build quality from a top brand. The Alice has no unique feature but it just delivers everything you'd want from a rabbit in the most stylish package too. No one ever returns a Svakom and once you try you'll know why.


Rocks Off Regala - €59.95

Rocks Off RegalaRocks Off are a UK brand that has been known for its power toys and bullets. The Regala is a brand new rabbit to us and it has blown us away. The packaging is typical Rocks Off edgy and stylish. The Regala is the epitome of what a modern Rabbit Vibrators should look and more importantly feel like. It's curved design and powerful dual motors are designed to give you blended orgasm bliss stimulating the A,C and G Spots - Who ever knew we had so many? Looks great, feels great and built to last. The Rocks Off Regala is a new kid on the block we love.

So what do you reckon? Did we get it right? We could easily have added another 5 as we have so many great Rabbit Vibrators. Honourable mentions to the Rabby, Javida, Sweet Smile Butterfly and the Satisfyer Flutterling Flower.

The bang you can get for you buck on Rabbit Vibrators nowadays is incredible. Any of the above even 3 years ago would have cost hundreds. My best advice is don't buy a €10 sex toy and expect it to blow you away - you get what you pay for and even €40-€50 gets you an incredible rabbit vibrator. Beginners I'd go Mono Flex or Alice as you don't want too big or complicated to start. These are also Rabbits you will always love I guarantee it. 

Disclaimer:- This blog post was written in October 2020 and obviously in the future there might be other Rabbit Vibrators that should make this list and of course prices may change. We will endeavour to keep this post up-to date.

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