PlayBlue Top 5 - Beginners Anal Toys

When I was younger even the concept of Anal Sex seemed shocking (showing my age!) - oh how times have changed. By far the fastest growing range of toys we sell are Anal Play toys. They seem to be something everyone is willing to consider. 

For me the most important tip for absolutely beginners is Small, Slow and Communicate oh and plenty of lube. If you rush it or try too much in a first anal experience you could be put off it for life. Anal Play always takes time and an open mind. Anal Play is not about pain - If it is painful you are doing it wrong or going to fast - slowdown it's not a race.

If even in the tiniest bit of doubt the toy you are using is too big. Your first anal experience is 100% about the opening your mind that the out-y hole can also be a super pleasurable in-y hole too. It is not about Anal Sex it is discovery in baby steps.

Oh and please let me be 1000% clear - Lube is not only your best friend here, it is your spirit guide in Anal Play. There is no natural lubrication in the Anal area so you need to bring your own. 

Finally Anal Play is not about Gay or Straight it is something that is available to EVERYONE so forget old mores it's your body. If a little heart shaped diamond butt plug makes sex amazing or turns you on go for it.

With all that in mind here is a list of our absolute favourite Top 5 Beginners Anal Toys. Some are bigger then others but again you choose the size and make sure you are comfortable. Not always the most expensive and I'm sure everyone won't agree but here is our Top 5...

Satisfyer Silicone Graded Love Beads (2 Pack) - €19.95

Graded Love BeadsSatisfyer is a firm PlayBlue favourite and in our opinion make the best beginners Love Beads too. Graded play options lets the beginner taste their first glorious Anal pop and progress as they grow in confidence. 
As usual with Satisfyer packaging and quality is second to none and these are no exception, soft medical grade silicone and gorgeous. A diamond set and spherical set allows you to experience varied sensations and sets you on a path to anal nirvana.
This is the near perfect beginners anal toy, hardly needs instructions lets you start small and build. Slide these babies in and pop them out one at a time and you'll be hooked.

Rocks Off O-Boy - €38.95

Rocks Off O-BoyRocks Off are old masters at anal toys and the O-Boy i is their beginners prostate play machine and an absolutely winner. First off this is simple to use. Basically it is the award winning Rocks Off 7-Speed Bullet coupled with a sleek silicone sleeve that transmits the vibrating pleasure to where it matters most. This also means you can always use the bullet separately. So if the Anal Play doesn't work for you or you are looking for something different slip out the bullet and off you go.
The O-Boy is stream-lined and unintimidating letting the beginner ease into prostate play. Designed for the perfect fit it vibrates the P-Spot and perineum that will convert the most skeptical to a lifelong Anal Play fan. 
Rocks Off is a brand you can trust to always deliver in Anal Play.

Precious Metals Heart Shaped Plug - €15.95

Precious Metals PlugThis little silver beauty is a brilliant entry into butt plug play. Not too big but you are going to feel it. Looks great, teardrop shaped for easy entry and metal allows you experiment with temperature play. Gently warm it up or cool it down with water to experience a whole new set of delights. The Precious Metals plugs give a weighty feel that gives you that satisfying fuller feel and that hard smooth feeling of metal is unique. 
Simple to clean in warm water and you can use any lube water, silicone or oil based.
Perfect for beginners and will make a convert out of anyone. A heart shaped jewel popping out of your ass, what's not to like?

Fun Factory - Bootie Ring - €35.95

Fun Factory BootieThis is a brilliant 2 for 1 deal. A silky smooth silicone curved butt plug that will with a little coaxing comfortably fit any beginner. Coupled with a stretchy silicone cock ring. Keeping him hard and strong and with every thrust stimulating his perineum and anal area.
This rocking pulling sensation will send waves of pleasure through him. There are a few vibrating versions like the Ro-Zen which we love but it is bigger so we were reluctant to include in the Beginners list.
This Bootie ring is designed to be worn during sex and offers an incredible introduction to anal play. Fun Factory is also a top of the range German designer that only produces quality, so a brand you can trust.

Rocks Off Petite Sensations Vibrating Plug - €19.95

Rocks Off Petite PlugThis has long been a PlayBlue favourite from our favourite Anal Toy Brand Rocks Off. This is another no-brainer simple to use and small enough and tapered to intimidate no one. Silky silicone and the power of the Rocks Off bullet make this a must have. Lube Up slide it in and the T-Base bullet will nestle between your cheeks delivering orgasmic trembles through you perineum and into your most sensitive place. 
Comfy and secure this is your bedroom buddy that literally has your back. Solo play or during sex this Unisex pleasure machine will be one of your staples.

Well what do you think? Tempted? There are a world of larger hardcore options that you might progress to but if you try the Rocks Off Petite Sensations love it and are happy with that great. So to the usual honourable mentions I've already mentioned the Rocks Off RO-ZEN which is brilliant, the Black Velvets range from tiny to huge has something for everyone. The rest of the Rocks Off selection and even the Furry Fantasy Tails for some play time. 

The final word has to be again Anal Play without Lube is a disaster. Lube is cheap don't skimp on it!

Disclaimer:- This blog post was written in January 2021 and obviously in the future there might be more Anal Toys that should make this list and of course prices may change. We will endeavour to keep this post up-to date.

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