PlayBlue Top 5 - Massager Wand Vibrators

Massager Wand vibrators are the Grandaddy of all vibrators. Massagers were originally developed as medical devices to massage muscles and stored tension. But it didn't take long I'm sure to see the possible erotic massage play options.

Massagers are great for men and women and deliver targeted stimulation with incredible Power. At PlayBlue we've always tried to sell a great selection of massagers and they are always popular. Here is a list of our absolute favourite Top 5 massagers. We've rated the massagers based on features, price, power and experience. So drumroll....the Top 5 Massager Wand Vibrators on the market are..

Satisfyer Wand-er XL Massager - €49.95

Wand-er SatisfyerSatisfyer is one of our absolutely favourite brands. They create amazing feature rich incredibly well built sex toys. The Wand-er is a brilliant example of this. An amazing high quality full size super smooth silicone Massager. Rechargeable that delivers market leading power, you'll struggle to use it on full power. It is also waterproof and covered by the Satisfyer 15 year warranty and at only €49.95 it always leaves us looking for the catch. Definitely one of the absolutely best massagers we've used and one we always seem to come back to. The Wand-er XL is one Massager that is very hard to beat.

The Doxy Original - €129.95

The Doxy is uncompromising in its mission to deliver power. There is no more powerful Massager wand on the market. UK built with a feeling of pure power and quality. The Doxy is mains controlled and simple to use. To be honest using the Doxy as an erotic Massager probably is a bit overkill as we never get past 60% power - you'd go numb lol. Not the cheapest or best looking and being plug in can be a pain but if it is all about the power Doxy needs to be on the list.

Nalone RockIt - €42.95

Nalone RockItThe Nalone RockIt is a little power wand that we absolutely love. Don't be fooled be the smaller size this is such a wonderful Massager that adds so much to foreplay. Obviously not as powerful as the Wand-er or Doxy but still packs a punch. So versatile and small enough to use in the tightest spots. Waterproof, rechargeable, touch controlled and smooth silicone definitely one you need to try.

The Flowing Dual Wand - €119.95

Flowing Dual WandThe Flowing is a super smooth silicone full size wand with a flexible head to allow it touch all the hard to reach spots. But the real killer on this rechargeable beauty is it really is two sex toys. A super rechargeable, waterproof, silicone flexible wand and then flip it around and the handle becomes a great G-Spot classic vibrator. Two independently controlled motors allow you to switch the play when you can take no more. Not the cheapest option but really versatile and as a wand it is one of the best then flip it and it is one of the best classic vibrators you can own too, what's not to like.

DUA Interchangeable Wand - €109.95

Dua Wand MaassagerOK not strictly a wand massager but it can be. The DUA is one of those unique sex toys that you just keep picking up. First off smooth silicone, rechargeable, Hand-sized and waterproof. As a massager is feels great and delivers precise stimulation. Fantastic as a foreplay toy and like all the best sex toys adds amazing erotic options without taking over. Now the bit we love at PlayBlue. Had enough of the wand and fancy a little rabbit lovin'? Twist off the wand attachment and click in the rabbit attachment. Now you have a smooth silicone rechargeable rabbit. We love the DUA and it really is a Wand and a Rabbit all rolled into one.

Ok not all strictly wand massagers for the purists but you want pure power we have the Doxy and the Wand-er. You want hand sized versatility go for the DUA or the RockIt. You want a two for one  you have the Flowing and DUA. Want the most bang for your buck you have the Wand-er. You get the picture.

We have a wand massager for every occasion the only question left is which one will you choose?

Disclaimer:- This blog post was written in August 2020 and obviously in the future there might be other Massager & Wands that should make this list and of course prices may change. We will endeavour to keep this post up-to date.

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