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Sometimes it is so easy to over complicate things. The easiest and most common sex toy in the world is the humble bullet vibrator. Bullet vibrators have gone through a huge transformation in the last 5 years, but still retain all the advantages small, easy to use, unisex and works every time.

If you know literally nothing about sex toys my advice is get a bullet. They will never break the bank and are so versatile. Use it as a naughty little foreplay toy on her or him, nipples, clitoris, balls, ass anywhere is fair game and during sex a bullet strategically placed gives you that double whammy. Simple to use and clean and store it really should be everyone's first sex toy.

Here is a list of our absolute favourite Top 5 Bullet Vibrators. We've rated the Bullets based on features, price, power and experience. Not always the most expensive, and finding an expensive bullet is a job anyway I'm sure everyone won't agree but here is our Top 5...

Satisfyer Secret Affair - €29.95

Satisfyer Secret AffairI do these lists and they always seem to start with a Satisfyer product. I must admit I'm a little in love with Satisfyer and they literally shock me every time with the features and power and style they squeeze into beautiful packaging for tiny prices.
The Satisfyer Secret Affair is such a beautiful sex toy. A nice chunky size with dual sensations as it can be used with the cap on for a hard metallic texture or slip off the cap and feel the smooth velvety silicone. Rechargeable, Waterproof and touch sensitive controls it really has the lot. The Secret Affair is also incredibly discreet and could pass for a lipstick making it the perfect travel; companion. If I could only have one bullet for the rest of my life it'd be the Satisfyer Secret Affair, I love it.

Rocks Off Chaiamo - €39.95

Rocks Off ChaiamoRocks Off invented the bullet vibrator and are still the masters. The Chaiamo is their flagship bullet and it is a power machine dressed up for the ball. If it is raw power you want this is the one for you. A nice larger size bullet wrapped in silky silicone with all the features you'd expect in a top of the range bullet. Rechargeable, Waterproof, Velvety Silicone it really is a beauty. Probably the most powerful bullet on this list but also the dearest. Rocks Off is a brand you can trust in Bullet Vibrators and this is their best - enough said.

Rocks Off Twister Silicone - €24.95

Rocks Off TwisterThis a great beginners bullet or if you are looking for a super quiet bullet. Rocks Off again so quality is guaranteed. Battery operated this time and a little longer and wider then anything else on this list. Covered in smooth silicone with a twister corkscrew pattern that adds to the sensations. Designed to be ultra versatile as it is wide enough for some penetration play but still has all the bullet play anywhere advantages. I found this really quiet as the silicone casing really reduces noise and it feels amazing. Not the power machine of the secret Affair or Chaiamo but plenty of power to suits most people and one I'll always recommend.

Rocks Off RO-80mm - €9.95

Rocks Off RO-80mmRocks Off again, when it comes to bullet vibrator they are hard to ignore. The RO-80mm comes in a load of different colours and is the bedrock of Rocks Off success. It is also the biggest selling bullet vibrator in the world, can they all be wrong?. This is cheap at under a tenner, small enough to fit in your pocket, waterproof and simple to use with a single button control. For its size it is incredibly powerful and one you'll find yourself going to time and time again as it is such a reliable workhorse. If you can spare a tenner and have never tried a bullet vibe, do yourself a favour, you are in for a serious treat.

Black&Silver Kailan/Kernex 2 - €19.95

Kernex 2At last a brand to break into the Satisfyer/Rocks Off Duopoly. The Kailan 2 and Kernex 2 are the exact same just different colours. The cheapest rechargeable bullet we sell and to get anything rechargeable for under twenty euro to me is incredible. This is also a great bullet vibrator with all the main features Rechargeable, Quiet, Multi-speed and simple to use. Ok smaller and not as stylish as the Secret Affair or Chaiamo but simple to use and will be a trusted friend to you every time. At this price it is near impossible to find fault in the Kailan/Kernex and I promise every one sold has one happy owner.

We could easily have done a top 10 and some honourable mentions must go to the Rocks Off Aura, Loving Joy Maxy, Cuties Range and the Power Bullet all great bullets.

What you can get now in a bullet vibrator is just amazing and if you only ever own one sex toy it should be a bullet vibrator.

My best advice for beginners any will be great as none are too expensive and all are easy to use. If budget is a serious concern the RO-80mm is very hard to beat - at the end of the day its only a tenner!. Best of the bunch for me is the Satisfyer Secret Affair I love it but then I'm biased towards Satisfyer. The Chaiamo is also incredible and has that low rumble vibration that feels amazing. Every bullet on this list is an absolute winner so just jump in.

Disclaimer:- This blog post was written in November 2020 and obviously in the future there might be more Bullet Vibrators that should make this list and of course prices may change. We will endeavour to keep this post up-to date.

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