PlayBlue Shipping is Awesome!!

PlayBlue DO real Free Discreet Shipping. We don’t crow about it enough. No company in Ireland offers faster more discreet shipping then PlayBlue and no one offers it on all orders over €20.

Since day 1 of PlayBlue we have offered free discreet shipping and it is something we have drilled into our PlayBlue DNA as a core business practice. We started back in 2011 and we were stuck in the middle of the housing and financial crisis and were all living day to day. At the time loads of companies tried to compete on shipping and some even offered free shipping no matter the order value. We always thought this was crazy and were proven correct as those companies are all gone. 

You see free shipping is never really free of course. It costs us money to get GLS to deliver your package next day. So we have to absorb that cost and accept that it means we make less profit per order but have a satisfied customer who will hopefully think of PlayBlue next time. The reality is on a €21 order our shipping costs effectively means we make very little profit but we know the value and goodwill that real free shipping generates. 

Fragile Parcel

Our shipping is next business day for orders placed before 4pm. So order at 3pm Tuesday you should get it Wednesday. Our couriers pick up at around 4pm each business day. 

As we’ve evolved so has our shipping. We now double and sometimes treble pack orders to nearly cut out damages in transit and to ensure the products remain 100% discreet. We have removed invoices inside parcels to ensure in the incredibly rare instance a parcel is lost in transit no personal details are lost with it. 

We implemented our own Track and Chase where we have staff everyday track all shipped orders and chase with the courier on delays or problems usually even before the customers knows there is an issue. We find this preemptive action helps smooth customer problems and solves problems before they even begin.

But most important for shipping is we are really 100% Irish and all our products are in our own warehouse in Ireland. So next business day shipping is possible. If we sell something online we have it to sell sitting on a shelf ready to be packed. You can call into us in Cork or Tallaght or call us with questions or problems or even collect your order in store. We understand the Irish market and customer and Ireland is our 100% prime focus. 

If an online store is saying 5-7 days delivery this means they do not have the products and are just drop shipping from the UK or Europe. Or are actually based in the UK or Europe and are just pretending to be Irish.

Look we’ve delivered 100s of thousands or sex toys in Ireland over the last decade and our Free Shipping is something we are rightly proud of and is a core pillar of the PlayBlue Service.

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