PlayBlue Sexercise Plan to a Slimmer you

PlayBlue Sex as ExerciseIf you are on the traditional new years exercise binge at the moment and the enthusiasm is beginning to wane, well PlayBlue can possibly help.

We have been doing a bit of research on our favourite exercises and the results might surprise you.

First the normal one to use as a control, Jogging on average burns about 10 calories a minute.

Now onto the physical exertion I might be a little better qualified to comment on as I work in Ireland’s biggest sex shop.

Sleep burns around 1 calorie per minute which is about as low as we can get but at least while you’re asleep you are not generally eating so you are in fact losing weight.

Sex burns around 5 calories / minute for a man and 3.5 calories / minute for a woman.

Masturbation burns around 6 calories / minute for men and women.

First thing I would say is these are very generalised figures and will of course vary wildly for people but it is handy to have a general idea of the calories you can burn with a little passion. You see anything that raises your heart rate is burning calories and nothing can get you pumping like a rumble under the sheets.

Now you can continue on the jogging 4 times a week in the cold which will make you feel great and energised and all that but to supplement make sure you slip into bed and feel the weight fly off you in a much more pleasurable way. And to think we spent years burdened with Catholic guilt in this country when all it was really doing is keeping us fat!

I was also surprised to learn that masturbation actually burns more calories than sex generally. Sex obviously offers a little more but when you on your own and at a loose end you can ditch the guilt and tell yourself that you’re exercising.

Seriously though if you fancy a little sex toy from Irelands best online sex shop let us help you to a new sexier you, the fun way.

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