PlayBlue SexCoach - Viktoria

We are delighted to introduce Viktoria Laszlo. Viktoria works for PlayBlue and is also a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach - Accelerated Evolution Coach.

Now that is what I call a title. With Viktoria's incredible passion and knowledge we want to help our PlayBlue customers to have a better, more stimulating, satisfying sex life.

Viktoria PlayBlue SexCoach

Finding a qualified passionate SexCoach in Ireland is near impossible so we are delighted to have Viktoria working with us and of course working for you. 

Viktoria is creating a stream of fascinating educational sex life videos and blog posts to open up a world or erotic pleasure to our customers. The first batch are already live but we plan to create loads more, you can check them out on the PlayBlue SexCoach Page

Viktoria also takes requests and would love to help. If you have a specific question or issue you'd like Viktoria to tackle please get in touch. Of course it goes without saying everything is 100% discreet and anything you tell us is in total confidence.

Viktoria has a fascination with everything erotic as you'll soon learn after checking out her videos and blog, she is also going to road test sex toys and will give her expert honest opinion on some of our best sellers. Viktoria will be active on our social media too so if you want to get in touch please do. Her direct email address is

So if you have that burning sex/erotic question you always wanted to ask but no one to turn to or an issue that you'd love to get an expert opinion on, you now have Viktoria - PlayBlue SexCoach.

If you would like to have a direct one on one consultation with Viktoria you can contact Viktoria directly on Viktoria Ocoach. This service would of course be outside of PlayBlue and you would be dealing directly with Viktoria.


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