PlayBlue Gives €1 in Every Order to Charity

This blog post is really a shout out to get a few more charity partners which for a online sex shop is amazingly difficult.

We are usually never shy about shouting about how great we are, but when it comes to charities we have always tried to be a little discreet. We’ll be honest PlayBlue in lockdown has done well and that’s great we are in the business of selling sex toys to make a profit.

The next question that people almost never ask is, So what are you going to do with all these new profits? 

Give to Charity

Well our Plan is profits allow us to pay our staff well, pay ourselves well, save some for future expansion and then give some back. We have been donating €1 from every order to PlayBlue charities for the last few months and our plan is to expand the range of charities we support. 

This has been brilliant and is something at PlayBlue we are really proud of. I know it’s a bit of an ego massage for us but that is never a reason to not help. Our first Charity Partner is a fantastic Kerry Charity called by Tír na Nóg Orphanage feeding and schooling orphaned kids in Tanzania. Now no matter how hard you might think you have it in Ireland we are living in luxury compared to these poor kids.

We will never shout too much about our charity donations (this is about it)… but I can feel a rant coming on…. sometimes I see companies that in my opinion really use Charity “giving” as a PR stunt and it annoys me. I’m all for charity giving but don’t shout about giving fuck all especially when you are making millions. There is a Service Station company in Ireland that shouts about giving 1 cent from each petrol sale to Charity - 1 cent? Say the average petrol sale is €30 then 1 cent next to nothing, it is a tiny fraction of what they would spend on Toilet Roll yet they shout about it above every till. That is just using the Charity as PR nonsense .. phew rant over that’s out of my system.

So if you know a great charity that we could support please let us know, one thing we don’t do is political or religious affiliated charities. You’d be amazed that loads of charities don’t want our money but if you are out there looking for help get in touch.

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