PlayBlue getting Cheaper!

We have been playing hard ball with our suppliers and like most things in life persistence has paid off. They’ve finally cracked under the pressure and we have managed to get some nice discounts which of course we are passing straight onto you.


The way we price is probably a little different to other retailers. We just ignore recommended retail prices and don’t even look at the prices of our competitors. We just start with the cost to us plus a bit of profit - done. It really is that simple. That’s good news for you because it means we have the lowest prices from a sex shop online, because anyone who is doing it cheaper than us is doing something illegal. We will always be fair priced because of this simple pricing policy.


You might find that on some products we seem ridiculously cheap but this is only because the others are gouging you with exorbitant mark-up’s we don’t play that game. If we make a reasonable profit we’re happy. We are about building a brand and repeat custom. We want to be known for fairness and quality service. We’ll never sell products below cost, we’ll never mark-up our products purely as a way to squeeze more profit. Our prices will go up but only when the cost of that product to us goes up, end of story.


You might even find the odd price we are dearer on but this is not down to us sucking more profits more likely a competitor has a glut of a product and wants to off load them.


We’ve undertaken a detailed review of every price on the system and have changed most of them down. So have a low and I’m sure you will find bargains to be had.


Happy shopping!


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