PlayBlue Favourites

The majority of shoppers in-store or online usually only have a vague idea of what they want to buy at PlayBlue. Everyday we get asked “Can I buy a Vibrator Please?”. Now we have almost 800 different vibrators doing all sorts or weird and wonderful things so answering that question is difficult.

Usually after a few probing questions we get close to what they are looking for. But even then if we narrow it down to “I had a vibrator with ears that I loved I want one like that” we have hundreds of rabbit vibrators. So we needed to do something about it. Especially for all who go online and get too overwhelmedby the selection and never ask.

PlayBlue Favourites

Let me introduce the PlayBlue Favourites section. This is a list of the most popular sex toy categories with a selection of our favourite toys in each. These are products we have used and loved. Not always the dearest or the most featured; they are just winners and products we recommend in-store all the time.

We are slightly different to most stores in that we don’t try to sell you the most expensive toy we truly want you to leave PlayBlue with the absolute best sex toy for you. It is actually our sneaky master-plan as if we send you home with the perfect toy even if it is only a €30 vibe we know you will be gloriously satisfied and become a convert to sex toys for life. 

PlayBlue favourites are products in-stock and have been tried and tested. They will of course change over time and if we hear of issues or problems with a toy it will of course be immediately banished.

To start we have included our favourites for Rabbits, Vibrators, Masturbators, Bondage, Lingerie, Lubes, Couples, Dildos and Anal Play. Of course you might not agree and have your own favourite if you do please tell us. We have only left room for 3 favourites in each and of course if a toy hasn’t made the list it doesn’t make it bad it just at the moment hasn’t made our subjective top three. 

So I invite you to check them out and we will include a banner on the homepage and a link at the bottom of every page to make it easy to access.

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