PlayBlue Favourite Brands - SilexD

SilexD is a niche brand based in Spain made from their revolutionary patented material they call Silexpan. They make a range of dildos and we love every single one.

This new Silexpan is cheaper then traditional silicone, making these SilexD cheaper then the competition. The outer layer is 100% silicone and the inner dual core is Silexpan. 

SilexD Dildos

The look and weight is the same as any silicone dildo we've tried but the feel is more a moulded feel, a little like a stress squeezy toy. The SilexD dildos are not really realistic feeling they are unique, super smooth and slides easily making it an absolute pleasure to use. If your goal is for a hype realistic dildo this is not for you and if you are purchasing for the dual density characteristics again not really the best but if you want a firm smooth fantastic feeling dildo at a budget price... bingo!

We only stock 4 of their dildos the best selling is the 7" Pink & White at only €19.95 for a unique silicone suction cup dildo it is a real bargain. If you are unsure this is the one for you, let me tell you 7" is plenty for most people. Don't get sucked into the bigger is better trap. Obviously unisex and works well anally and vaginally.

Then we sell the 8" Vibrating Pink Rechargeable version at only €39.95. Feels the same unique way as the non-vibrating version and of course gives you the option of adding vibration to play time.

Finally the 9.5" Suction Cup at €29.95 is big. Honestly I'd say too big for most unless you have the experience. This is a big solid incredible dildo, the suction works but this is heavy so on a vertical surface it struggled to hold on for long. At this price for the feel and size it is amazing.

All of them have been incredible sellers for us and a return rate of less then 1% tells it all.

I'm really looking forward to more releases from this small Spanish brand as at PlayBlue we absolutely love them and they've quickly become our favourite realistic silicone dildos. 

Disclaimer:- This blog post was written in March 2021 and of course prices and selection of products is subject to change.

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